Rajya Sabha

August 5, 2014

Derek O’Brien demands a discussion of UPSC issue | Transcript

Sir, in the final 9 papers -the subject papers – students are given the option to answer in one of the languages of the 8th schedule. All of us suggest that option be given in the preliminary exam. The questions are of because multiple choice type and it is only about translating questions into one of the languages of the 8th schedule. The Government has given a reaction; that reaction has got a counter reaction, and because of a statement made yesterday there are 9 parties who feel this cannot wait.

Sir, ask them for assurance now’ we will discuss it. Sir they made a statement… On that statement is the pain.

Your request is the most reasonable request, Sir. Let me state the facts of the case. Sir, let me place on record we have given three notices including a notice for short duration discussion, we have given a notice for suspension of question hour, that is over. Now starting at 12 o’clock Sir, the issue is serious. There is a statement made yesterday; all this reaction is because of a statement made yesterday.

If the Government stands up now and gives us the assurance that there will be a short duration discussion at 2 o’clock or tomorrow we will sit down. Sir, on 24th is the exam. They have compounded the problem… their announcement has compounded the problem. I think this is not an issue of who is to blame. But Sir – the Parliamentary Affairs Minister is also here – when is the discussion?