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April 24, 2019

Riots are not tolerated in Bangla: Mamata Banerjee in Sreerampur

Riots are not tolerated in Bangla: Mamata Banerjee in Sreerampur

Trinamool Congress Chairperson Mamata Banerjee addressed a public meeting in Sreerampur today. She said that the people are safe under the Trinamool Congress, people of every region and every religion, and therefore the people should vote for Trinamool Congress. She also said that Bangla is not the place to do ‘danga’ (riots), and that nobody here likes to indulge in it.

Highlights of her speech:

  • The district of Hooghly has seen a lot of new things, among which are a new police commissionerate in Chandannagar, multi-super and medical college hospitals, Rani Rashmoni Green University, development of Furfura Sharif, Tarakeswar Development Board, Alo Hub in Chandannagar, eco-tourism project in Balagarh, multi-gyms, and other things.
  • For individual people, schemes and initiatives like Khadya Sathi, Kanyashree, Sikshashree, Sabooj Sathi, Krishak Bandhu, waiving of mutation fees, increase in salaries of ICDS and ASHA workers, and NREGA employees, and others have been taken up.
  • The annual income of farmers has tripled, and Modi Babu is still just talking about that.
  • We have day in and day out fought for the people – against the price rise of cooking gas, diesel, etc.
  • They promised to give Rs 15 lakh to every person. Leave alone giving money, through demonetisation, he took away whatever people had accumulated through hard work
  • The real black money could not be recovered because it was sent away overseas and is now being used in elections
  • Properties, party offices have been constructed by them using this black money
  • ATM Scam, Rafale Scam – these will all come out in the open in due time
  • They have killed and terrorised the common people, Dalits, backwards castes, journalists. The goons of BJP take out processions with weapons in hand.
  • If the BJP is so concerned about Hindus, why are they trying to drive away 22 lakh Hindus from Assam?
  • Here Congress, CPI(M) and the BJP are hand-in-glove, and bringing in goons and money from outside the State to influence people and that money is ultimately your money
  • ‘Signboard babu’ said yesterday that Rabindranath was born in Birbhum – such misconception he has!
  • They claim that we are not allowing Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja in Bengal. This is laughable. We even give holidays for Chhath Puja.
  • Weapons look good on the hands of the Goddess. Maa Durga slays evil with her weapons. Similarly, your reign will also end
  • From a chaiwallah, Modi is now a chowkidar, and a chowkidar who is a chor. We don’t want such leaders. We want leaders such as Gandhi Ji, Netaji, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, etc.
  • People are not getting salaries (like BSNL), companies are getting closed down (eg, Jet Airlines).
  • We, on the other hand, have enabled more jobs for the people by modernising industries, including jute mills in Chandannagar and spinning mills in several places.
  • Remember that people are safe under Trinamool Congress – be they Hindu or Bengali or Muslim or Bihari or from UP or Marathi or Punjabi or Sikh or Gujarati – everyone.
  • In order to implement NRC, they are asking for birth certificates from people even from 1951, which very few people have. This would remove people from other States who are working here.
  • Another trick up their sleeve is the Citizenship Act, which would make you into foreigners for six years. You’ll never be able to implement these here.
  • I too am a Hindu, I do all pujas, but I also participate in celebrations of other religions because that’s what we have been taught by our elders, because we believe in unity in diversity. All religions should be equally practiced.
  • I don’t support ‘danga’. Bangla is not the place to do ‘danga’. Neither Hindu nor Muslim, nobody would do ‘danga’.
  • Bangla never gave in to the BJP’s threats, I have accepted your challenge. I have belief in the people, no threat from any agency would deter me.
  • They are tapping everybody’s phones, including mine. They want to snoop on people by using Aadhaar.
  • Therefore, don’t give a single vote for the BJP, or the Congress or the CPI(M). Give every vote for Trinamool.