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April 18, 2019

If you love Malda mangoes, you must love Trinamool as well: Mamata Banerjee at Kaliachak

If you love Malda mangoes, you must love Trinamool as well: Mamata Banerjee at Kaliachak

Trinamool Congress Chairperson Mamata Banerjee today addressed a public meeting at Kaliachak in Malda district. She said that unseating the BJP from power is necessary for the peaceful coexistence of the people of the country and for the real development of the country.

Highlights of her speech:

  • We have come here several times before to Malda and Kaliachak.
  • The candidate from Malda North, like me, has left the Congress and is now with Trinamool.
  • If not for Trinamool Congress, the CPI(M) would never have been ousted from power in Bangla.
  • How many days will Congress continue by using the Late Ghani Khan’s name? Now, Congress has sold itself to the CPI(M). They used to do this earlier as well, which is why I had left that party.
  • This government has done a lot for the people of the state. There are so many schemes for all strata of of society, from the weaker sections to girls and women, to widows and farmers.
  • On several occasions we have helped people in emergencies. The recent incident in Rajasthan where residents of Kalaichak were killed. We were the only ones who arranged to bring their bodies back and give their families support. Always remember that we are with you in your happy as well as sad times.
  • We have encouraged farming and the cultivation of mangoes. Malda mangoes are exported all over the world.
  • Don’t vote for Congress, otherwise you will strengthen BJP’s chances.
  • NRC has created a lot of confusion in Assam. If one parent’s name is there, the other’s is not. We will not allow this to happen.
  • Notebandi has deprived many of their jobs. This damaging move by Modi Babu has destroyed several homes across the country.
  • The BJP will not win in Andhra, or in Tamil Nadu or in Kerala. Even in the east, their prospects are near zero, be it in Bihar, Odisha or Bengal.
  • I believe in the tolerant form of Hinduism, not the Hinduism that the BJP follows. We are all the same. Our languages may be different, we may be from different regions, our customs may be different. But we are all human beings, we are all Indians.
  • There can be no divisiveness in the name of religion, for that is what they (BJP) believe in. They will tell you what to wear, what to eat – what sort of governance is this? This is not what we want.
  • They have imposed the NRC in Assam and created trouble and confusion. We will not allow this. We will reply with the NBC, or National Biday Certificate. We will ensure they depart from all over the country
  • We will replace it with people’s govt, a govt that cares for the improvement and well-being of all citizens.
  • So please vote for the Trinamool candidates Md Moazzem Hossain and Mousam Noor. Make them more popular than the Malda mango. They need your support. Do not even by mistake vote for the BJP or Congress. I request the new voters to start by supporting Trinamool.