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April 20, 2019

BJP is all about unrighteousness, wickedness, and instigating riots: Mamata Banerjee at Panighata

BJP is all about unrighteousness, wickedness, and instigating riots: Mamata Banerjee at Panighata

Trinamool Congress Chairperson Mamata Banerjee today addressed a public meeting at Panighata in the district of Nadia, which is part of the Ranaghat Lok Sabha constituency, in support of the party’s candidate, Mahua Moitra. She urged the people to vote out the BJP as the party is all about unrighteousness, wickedness, and instigating riots.

Highlights of her speech:

People of Nadia district are peaceful in nature. Nadia is one of my favourite places.

We have done a lot of developmental work here, and will continue doing so.

Election in seven phases have never happened before. It is strenuous and taxing.

The whole district has been the beneficiary of the Trinamool Government’s developmental schemes.

Nothing was done during the 34 years of the Left Front. We have been doing much work here, and will continue to do more work.

This is a Central election. The BJP is daring us, saying that Mamata Banerjee has not done anything. I am daring them back: tell me what Modi has done for five years in Delhi?

Atrocities over Adivasis and Dalits and minorities, implementing NRC because of which 22 lakh Bengalis would be derecognised in Assam, and now trying to implement NRC in Bangla.

They never kept their promise of 10 crore jobs in five years, on the other hand, two crore people lost their jobs, the promise of Rs 15 lakh per person too was not kept.

Narendra Modi is imposing his will on the people wrongly and saying every day that those who don’t like the BJP are anti-nationals – he is telling lies every day.

But the BJP is going to lose badly across the country. That’s why they are trying to create trouble in Bangla, thinking if they can get some foothold by pitting one against the other.

We will give the BJP as much sweets as they want as we give to our guests, but not a single vote.

They are trying to instigate riots everywhere and between people of all religions.

They have never worked with any of our great leaders of our independence movement. They only know to preach their own insular version of Hinduism.

Give them the slap of vote and defeat them democratically.

The BJP is trying to preach a form of Hinduism which is alien to everybody – only they know what they are trying to preach. And that preaching is hating people of other religions. This is not the Hinduism which our parents and elders have taught us. .

All pujas and festivals of other religions are held peacefully here – what is not is entertaining the BJP and Modi.

We had wanted to give Rs 10,000 to Durga Puja committees – and they filed a case against us. This is their

I too believe in Hinduism, and worship its gods and goddesses, but I also pray with Muslims, with Christians and with people of all religions.

Hinduism is a religion with a big heart, the religion of people like Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna, it is not the religion that the BJP is trying to impose on us.

The BJP’s religion is all about unrighteousness, wickedness, instigating riots.

Therefore, this election is a very crucial one – your votes will throw the BJP out; and remember, don’t vote for either the Congress or the CPI(M) either. They are all hand-in-hand.

Trinamool Congress will fight with its life but will never accept defeat at the hands of the BJP.

We will form the Central Government taking all like-minded parties along.

I strongly believe that such a government will bring back unity in diversity, development, and other positives. India is our land, our dear nation. Therefore vote for us, and replace the BJP government.

Mahua Moitra is our MLA, I have rewarded her by making her the Parliamentary candidate here. She would do a lot of good in Delhi. The whole of Nadia would be benefited a lot.

I’ll come to Nadia district again and again. All of you, cast your votes in favour of the ‘Joraphool’’ symbol and make us win.

Namaskar, Jai Hind, Vande Mataram, Khuda Hafiz, Inshallah.