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April 16, 2019

New voters must vote for change at Centre: Mamata Banerjee at Narayanpur

New voters must vote for change at Centre: Mamata Banerjee at Narayanpur

Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee today addressed a public meeting at Narayanpur in Dakshin Dinajpur district (Balurghat Lok Sabha constituency). She urged the new voters to vote for change in government at the Centre.

Highlights of her speech:

For 34 years, the Left Front Government had not done any work. The work we have done in the last seven years, is unmatched

Not only Kanyashree, our Utkarsh Bangla scheme has received international recognition

Our Utkarsh Bangla scheme, for the training for 6 lakh youths, has received UN award

We have distributed 1 crore cycles under Sabooj Sathi scheme. This scheme has also received international recognition

We provide rice at Rs 2/kg to 8.5 crore people in Bengal

We have given scholarships to more than 2 crore minority students. This has empowered them to pursue higher education

68 lakh SC/ST students have received Sikshashree scholarship. We have also started Swami Vivekananda Merit Scholarship for general students

More than 7.5 crore people are now entitled to health insurance under Swasthya Sathi scheme. The smart cards will be issued in the name of women, recognising them as head of the family

We are empowering girls through Kanyashree scheme, encouraging them to pursue higher education

We are also giving financial assistance to poor families under Rupashree scheme for the marriage of their daughters

We have waived off khajna tax and mutation fees on agricultural land. We bear the full cost of crop insurance for farmers

We have started Krishak Bandhu scheme, under which farmers will receive Rs 5,000 per acre annually in two installments

We always stand by the people whenever there is any accident or disaster

You did not vote for us in the Assembly election. But has the person you voted for done anything for you? All the developmental initiatives have been taken by us

I had sanctioned a wagon industry for Balurghat as Railway Minister. BJP Government has failed to even complete that project

We are setting up an airport at Balurghat. We are setting up a new university in this district

They promised to create 10 crore jobs. Instead, 2 crore people lost their jobs. Unemployment is at 45% high

Fuel prices are at an all-time high. When international prices were low, the BJP increased the prices

Dalits, minorities have been persecuted. Even journalists and intellectuals have not been spared

Politics is for serving the people, not for riots and divisive politics

In five years, Modi babu has destroyed the nation. Do not give them a second chance.

I am also a Hindu. We believe in the Hinduism preached by Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Swami Vivekananda

The human body is incomplete without all organs. Similarly, the society is incomplete without diversity

Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Budhhists, Jains and all communities cumulatively make our country

Those who practice politics of division do not represent the country

BJP is not coming back to power. They are going to lose in every State. They will get a BIG ZERO in Bangla

BJP leaders are saying they will implement NRC in Bengal. We will not allow that. In Assam, they excluded the names of 22 lakh Bengali Hindus. Names of Biharis, Gorkhas and others have been also excluded.

People were even killed in Assam. Our delegation was prevented from entering Assam. But we are fighting for rights of people in Assam

Under Citizenship Amendment Bill, you will become a foreigner for six years. There is no guarantee that they will give citizenship to you after that. Everyone who came to India till March 25,1971, is an Indian citizen

If you do not unite against BJP, dangerous times are in store for us

Arpita Ghosh and other Trinamool MPs have been vocal in Parliament on people’s issues – from price rise to persecution of Dalits and minorities, destruction of institutions, demonetisation

Have faith in us. Trust us. Trinamool is the only option for saving the country

Trinamool will play a significant role in the formation of next government

My best wishes to the new voters. Take a decision to form a new government and bring a new dawn for the country