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April 8, 2019

Modi babu must give an account of work done in 5 years: Didi at Cooch Behar

Modi babu must give an account of work done in 5 years: Didi at Cooch Behar

Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee today addressed a public meeting at Rashmela Maidan in Cooch Behar. She slammed the BJP from the stage. She said that Modi babu must give an account of work done in 5 years.

Highlights of her speech:

I had personally visited the Chhitmahal to talk to the people. Only after they gave their consent, we went ahead (with the land agreement). A problem languishing for 66 years was solved in 6 days. We have allocated Rs 1100 crore for the development of the enclaves

Those who are giving lofty speeches now, why did they not declare Cooch Behar a heritage town?

We set up a university named after Rajbanshi leader Panchanan Barma

This election is not for the formation of West Bengal Government. People will decide who will form the next government at Centre

The person who is supposed to tell us what he has done for five years, is asking me for an account instead.

Expiry Prime Minister. Arrogant. Fascist, Hitler. Dictator. He is asking me for an account of the work done. I challenge him to perform even 1 per cent of the work done by me.

They say I have not done anything as Rail Minister. What has he done as Prime Minister?

Who started the Changrabandha-Malbazar line? Who started the Jalpaiguri-Kamakhya line, Haldibari-NJP-Siliguri passenger train, Haldibari-Dinhata-Bamanhat passenger, New Cooch Behar-Golapganj line?

Who made Changrabandha, Dinhata and Haldibari Adarsh stations? Who made Cooch Behar museum?

I am ready to bow down before the public and apologise if I am telling any lie. If he is lying, he should do too

He was a chaiwala before. Now he has become chowkidar.

He only travels across the world. He has done a disappearing act in the last five years

Chowkidar is not only chor but also jhoota and lootera. I have seen many prime ministers but never seen a bigger liar

Duryodhan and Dushashan (the PM and his party President) have destroyed the country

They say they will implement NRC. Names of 40 lakh Bengalis have been excluded. What audacity. There will be no NRC in Bengal

They want to send people away from the country. People are waiting to send you away. You will not return to power

They said they will double the income of farmers by 2022 double. We have already tripled farmers’ income

They promised to create 10 crore jobs in 5 years. After demonetisation, nearly 2 crore jobs were lost in 2017-18.

They are only busy in foreign travel, riots and killing people in the name of gau-raksha

Your money will not be secure in banks if you vote for him. They are even monitoring your social media

We love all religions equally. I belong to a Hindu family. I believe in the Hindu religion preached by Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Paramhansa

I also participate in the festivals of minorities. If they can participate in Durga Puja, why can’t I go for Eid celebrations?

Some people are spreading lies that Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja are not celebrated in Bengal. Have they ever visited Bengal during the festivals?

Those who killed Mahatma Gandhi will teach us nationalism?

Those who did not give any respect to Netaji will teach us nationalism?

Those who did not participate in freedom struggle will teach us nationalism?

Sarada scam happened during Left rule. Has any CPI(M) or Congress leader been arrested? Have you returned the money? The case is pending with you for six years. Why have you not taken any action?

Sarada-Narada-Hawala babu was sharing the stage with Modi babu in yesterday’s rally. And he has the audacity to point fingers at us

We had expelled the hawala leader. BJP’s candidate in Cooch Behar was also expelled by us. He is an arms dealer, involved in human trafficking

As per the Citizenship Amendment Bill, you will become a foreigner for six years. And then it will be upto the government whether they will give you citizenship. It is a complete hogwash. Do not be fooled

They are giving money to people to attend their rallies. After elections, they will not provide for you. They are seasonal birds who come only during elections

If they win these elections, there will be no freedom. Constitution will be destroyed. There will be no religious freedom. Women will not be safe

They are sending the agencies to intimidate Opposition leaders. We are not afraid. I have struggled all my life.

Many political parties are afraid of them. We are not.

Bengal will show the way in the formation of the next government at Centre.