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April 21, 2019

We, along with the regional parties, will form the next govt at the Centre: Mamata Banerjee at Gayeshpur

We, along with the regional parties, will form the next govt at the Centre: Mamata Banerjee at Gayeshpur

Trinamool Congress Chairperson Mamata Banerjee a public meeting in Gayeshpur in the district of Nadia today. She lashed out at the BJP Government for not keeping its promises and asked people to vote for Trinamool in order to ensure that the latter can, together with the regional parties, form the United India government at the Centre.


Highlights of her speech:

We have done a lot of developmental work here, the list is endless.

This is a general election. But remember the way Modi and his government have neglected Bangla over the last five years.

They have no idea about the culture and people of Bangla – only interested in instigating riots. They come here only in times of need.

All developmental work in the State, like hospitals, educational institutes, ITIs, etc. been done by our govt. Then there is rice at 2 per kg (government gives a subsidy of Rs 27), lakhs of scholarships under Kanyashree and Sikshashree, free bicycles under Sabooj Sathi, industrial growth centres and several other activities. Therefore not just the present generation, we are ensuring the growth and development of future generations as well.

We are ensuring smart cards for women under Swasthyasathi, as women are the ones who hold families together.

We have waived off mutation fees, agricultural tax and crop insurance premium; we have introduced Krishak Bandhu Scheme for farmers, Samajik Suraksha Scheme for workers. .

The BJP lies constantly – they have been lying for the last five years, and only making big promises in their speeches.

They demonetised the currency, as a result oi which people have lost jobs and farmers have suffered endlessly.

Narendra Modi promised two crore jobs per year, but gave nothing in reality.

We have given compensation worth Rs 12 crore to farmers.

I am always for the people – my family is Maa-Mati-Manush. I once went to a temple. The priest told me, you have no gotra, I said, my gotra is ‘Maa-Mati-Manush’. The people of the State are my family.

I never took a single rupee of pension from the Centre as an ex-MP because I don’t need the money. I pay for even a cup of tea. I earn money from the royalty from my books and song lyrics, and live with that money. I even help people out of that money.

I have heard people indulging in dirty talk against me all my life, I have taken a lot of beating all my life. Therefore I don’t care about these any more.

I never allow people from my party to harm anyone. I remember the way the CPI(M) used to kill and maim people.

I don’t work with turncoats and liars because I know that I will always have people with me – I know people are always ready to heed my words and follow me.

I tell the BJP, first take care of Delhi, then think about ruling Bangla.

None of you vote for the BJP – Modi has harmed everyone, be it farmers, students, youths, women and others. He has harmed people’s faith in religion, he has torn apart the fabric of society by instigating people with lies.

Modi is saying we don’t allow Durga Puja in Bangla; the reality is that more than a lakh Durga Pujas are held in Bangla.

Why do they carry weapons and ask people to do likewise? Gods and goddesses can carry weapons to punish evil, but not people.

Hinduism is a centuries-old religion, and we know what it is all about. We don’t want them to teach Hinduism to us.

I respect all other religions – Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhish, Jainism and all others – because this is what the great saints and savants of Hinduism have taught us.

You cannot tell us what to eat, what to wear, where to study – we all have the freedom to choose.

The BJP is a party if liars. And they know only about money and try to influence people with that.

The BJP is sending its people here to administer – but this is against the federal structure of the nation. They are transferring service officers at their own free will.

However, Modi Babu, remember that even this will not allow you to win any votes.

We will oust Modi Sarkar and form the new government at the Centre.

The BJP will fare very badly across the country, so there’s no chance of their winning the election. All calculations point towards this.

Neither the BJP nor the Congress will form the next government. All the regional parties will together form the government, and that’s why we have formed the United India Front.

The BJP will throw people out of the country by implementing the NRC. And using the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, they will turn refugees, who are citizens now, into non-citizens for six years, and only then re-consider them. So you will lose all your rights during that period.

But we want everyone – people of all religions, castes and creeds – to live together in peace.

My religion is humanism, which is something all our saints have preached over the centuries.

When you vote, remember that every vote is a slap on the face of demonetisation, is a slap of protest against farmer suicides, and against Modi’s reneging on his promise of Rs 15 lakh for every person.

Earlier Modi Babu called himself a chaiwallah, and now he calls himself a chowkidar. But he is was a fake chaiwallah and is a fake chowkidar. Chowkidar jhootha hain. The real chowkidars are not even getting salaries.

Now children are put to sleep by singing lullabies about the scary Modi and his misdeeds, such is the reputation he has built for himself.

Modi Babu is intent on telling lies and on instigating riots – he chants about it every morning to remind himself that that is his sacred duty through the day.

Our candidate Rupali Biswas will be the youngest MP in parliament.

Cast your votes in support of Rupali. She has lost her husband. She wants to spend her lifetime working for the people. Hence I request you all to ensure her victory.

You have to oust Modi – if he remains in power, the people of the country will lose all their freedoms. The BJP is the most dangerous party – I have never seen such a party before.

Bodle din, Bangla ke Dillir sarkar koret din

Jai Hind, Vande Mataram, Inshallah, Jia Jahar