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April 25, 2019

High tide of development in Purba Bardhaman

High tide of development in Purba Bardhaman

The district of Purba Bardhaman has seen massive development during the Trinamool Congress rule, leading to comprehensive development. Be it health, farming, industry, housing or several other sectors, there has been massive improvement.

Highlights of the developmental work:

Health: 1 multi-super speciality hospital, 5 fair-price medicine shops, 1 fair-price diagnostic centre, 17 SNSUs, 3 SNCUs, 3 CCUs, 3 HDUs

Schools: In 7 years, 401 schools established, levels of 6 schools upgraded

Scholarships: More than 3.14 lakh students under Kanyashree, more than 5.57 lakh students under Sikshashree

Higher education: Agricultural university in Sadhanpur, 5 government degree colleges, 12 ITIs, 1 polytechnic colleges

Mati Tirtha: For exchange of expertise and for getting advice on cultivation, Mati Tirtha set up in the district for farmers, fish cultivators, animal husbandry workers and others engaged in similar professions. This has been highly appreciated by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

Kisan Mandi: 20 Kisan Mandis set up

100 Days’ Work: More than 17.2 crore man-days created from FY 2013-14 to 2018-19

Housing: More than 1.01 lakh people benefitted from housing schemes, including rural housing

Mission Nirmal Bangla: Purba Bardhaman has been declared a Nirmal Zilla, being 100% ODF

Industry: Textile park and industrial estate in Shaktigarh, 41 MSME clusters (including 4 MSME clusters, 32 handloom clusters, 5 khadi clusters), Mishti Hub, bank loans worth Rs 8,310 crore given to MSMEs

Roads & bridges: About 2,000 km of roads built/repaired/widened; 1 major bridge project

Samajik Suraksha Yojana: More than 3.86 lakh unorganised labourers enlisted

Karmatirtha: 30 Karmatirthas functioning

Sports: 189 multi-gyms, 26 mini indoor stadiums