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April 9, 2019

If voted to power, BJP will take away your rights: Mamata Banerjee in Raiganj

If voted to power, BJP will take away your rights: Mamata Banerjee in Raiganj

Trinamool Chairperson addressed a public meeting at Raiganj in Uttar Dinajpur district today. In her speech she slammed the BJP for politicising the martyrdom of jawans. She also warned people that if voted to power, BJP will take away all the rights and freedom.

Highlights of her speech:

  • The BJP is using all their might to compromise the Central institutions.
  • Due to demonetisation many people were affected, businesses and industries closed down, more than a hundred people died.
  • Unemployment now is the highest in 45 years, and in just one year – 2017-18 – 2 crore jobs were lost
  • The BJP is scaring the people with the help of central agencies, and on the other hand, protecting thieves and goons
  • In Raiganj, you have voted for either the Congress or the CPI(M) till now but nobody has done any work for you. Hence vote for the Trinamool this time. This time, the fight is between the Trinamool and the BJP.
  • The BJP, CPI(M) and Congress are one and the same – all created in the same mould.
  • Trinamool will take the leading role in ousting the BJP from power and forming the government at the Centre.
  • If the BJP gets back into power, they’ll loot your money, take away your religious rights and political rights. They will finish off the democracy, right of self-expression, even destroy the Constitution.
  • The government at the Centre is a fascist government, so utterly fascist that even Hitler would have paled into insignificance.
  • The BJP’s manifesto says by 2047, the 100th year of India’s independence, the BJP will change India. This is so ridiculous and hilarious. Modi will be too old to do anything then.
  • We want to empower the youths because the future lies with them.
  • For six years, people will lose all their rights of citizenship, and only after that your
  • They indulge in blatant lies. Five years back, Modi became a chaiwallah, then he became prime minister, and now he has turned himself into a chowkidar.
  • Chowkidar chor hain, chowkidar jhootha hain.
  • The BJP is using jawans for their own narrow politics. We respect jawans. Why did so many jawans die in Pulwama despite prior intelligence?