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April 21, 2019

Do not believe in their (BJP-RSS) lies, their misinformation: Mamata Banerjee warns from Ranaghat

Do not believe in their (BJP-RSS) lies, their misinformation: Mamata Banerjee warns from Ranaghat

Trinamool Congress Chairperson Mamata Banerjee today warned the people not to be misled by the lies and misinformation being spread by the BJP. She was speaking at her second meeting for the day in Ranaghat in Nadia.

Here are the details of what she said:

Dear people of Ranaghat, do not believe in the lies that they are spreading. They do not follow anything but the politics of falsehood, and they are using children to spread lies. I don’t like to think about them because of this.

An incident happens in UP and they pass it off on Facebook as happening in Bangla; a Bhojpuri cinema clip is used against us; an incident in Bangladesh is passed off as happening in Bangla. All to create chaos and hatred among the people.

We will think instead about all the good work we have done for the people. From health cards especially for women to farmers’ insurance cards and benefits for artisans and artists. Those who have not enrolled in these schemes can do so after the election.

Let me introduce you to Rupali Biswas, our candidate from Ranaghat. Hers is a sad story. She lost her husband and our MLA Satyajit at the hands of miscreants in the midst of the good work he was doing for the people. Despite bringing up her toddler child, she has agreed to take up the challenge, sacrificing many things so that work for the people can continue.

This meeting is a composition of three MLA constituencies. I am very happy to see that so many mothers and sisters have been able to come to this meeting, taking time out from their daily chores and studies. Good happens whenever and wherever they are present. This is our unity, our faith and our confidence.

Ranaghat people have been with us right from the beginning. Yesterday was Shabe Barat, Easter Saturday. But these occasions were turned to sad times because of the tragic news from Sri Lanka. It is a very bad situation.
There are a lot of churches in this area and I feel sad for the devastation that has happened.

But what is the BJP doing? Last five years, nothing has been done for the people – all false promises, be it Rs 15 lakhs in each bank account, or jobs or fair price for farm produce.

So many people from different strata of society have approached me to help them, since the central government has not been able to help them when they need help most.

Instead, they ask what has the Bengal govt done. Are they not ashamed? But let me tell them. There are innumerable schemes that we have done for the people, from education to health to women’s opportunities and assistance for elderly people and many others. They may not recognise all this, but we have won international recognition for these programmes.

We have encouraged all communities and dialects, all cultures and traditions. The people are happy because they have so many opportunities now, they have a future. Do you think Modi Babu can ensure so much?

His policies so far have been detrimental for the country. Demonetisation and GST have created a lot of problems for the people. Lakhs of people have lost their jobs, farmers have committed suicide. And they ask us what we have done?

Don’t vote for them if you want progress and a good future. Those people are full of lies and are trying to misguide you.

This Modi Babu is doing everything in his name. He is naming hats to coats to stationery all after him. He is so proud of himself but for all the wrong reasons.

If these people come back, then there will be no further elections. They will manipulate things in such a way that there will be no culture, no tradition left. All liberties will be curtailed.

What have they done in Assam? They have removed lakhs of names from the citizens’ register in the name of NRC. They are trying to do this on Bangla. We will not allow this.

A traitor is trying to help them. But all this will backfire. They will get nothing in Bangla. Neither will they get anything in the other states. Not from the south, not from Maharashtra, not from UP, and not from the East. So why vote for them?

They know about their precarious situation and are trying to buy votes. They are going around with cash and offering it to the people. Do not fall into their trap.

And what are they doing with the Citizenship Bill? They will tell you to have foreigner status for six years before they consider your citizenship. But what will you do for those six years? How will you claim benefits and facilities? How will you survive?

For all these reasons, we are determined we will not yield a single inch in Bangla to them.

We follow and encourage all religions with equal fervour. We are not like them – they go around flashing swords and maces and say they the are Hindus. We can never follow such practices. We follow the religions and teachings of great sages and saints, who taught us to be tolerant.

The weather is looking to get worse. I have another engagement at Shantipur after this. So I must end here. I would request everyone to ensure the victory of the Jora Phool candidates.