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April 15, 2019

RSS helping Congress in Murshidabad: Mamata Banerjee at Bhagabangola

RSS helping Congress in Murshidabad: Mamata Banerjee at Bhagabangola

Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee today addressed a public meeting at Bhagabangola in Murshidabad. She appealed to the people to vote for Trinamool, and not the Congress and CPI(M). She alleged that the RSS was working for the Congress in this district.

Highlights of her speech:

This district is known for the historic battle of Plassey. We all know about Mir Jafar’s betrayal of Siraj-ud-daula. It took 190 years to recover from that. The history of this region is so eventful. Once again you have the opportunity to create history.

We decided to walk out of Congress because several leaders had a tacit understanding with the CPI(M). During the day, they would work for Congress and during night, for the CPI(M).

RSS is working on behalf of Congress and Adhir Chowdhury in Baharampur. So voting for Cong or CPI(M) will mean voting for BJP. You must vote for Trinamool.

So many people have lost their jobs because of the policies of the BJP government. Unemployment, price rise, farmers’ problems are the burning issues.

In the name of NRC and Citizenship Bill, they are trying to drive away legitimate Indians. We are all citizens. But they are saying you will have to become foreigners for six years, then they will consider granting citizenship. But what will happen to the families for those six years?

And if you say anything against the BJP, you will be investigated and arrested. But we are not afraid. Each step they take will be further encouragement for us to fight and win over them.

We have given scholarships to over 2 crore students from the minority community for pursuing higher education. 75,000 people from the community are well placed in different high-level jobs now.

Even for Hindu brothers and sisters, we have Swami Vivekananda Merit Scholarship. In addition, the Sikshashree and Kanyashree schemes are for all. We have started Rupashree scheme for the marriage of girls from poor families.

Khajna tax and mutation fees have been waived for the agricultural land. We have started the Krishak Bandhu scheme for farmers.

Nearly 7.5 crore people are enrolled under Swasthya Sathi scheme. The smart cards will be issued in the name of women, recognising them as the head of the family.

Utkarsh Bangla scheme, wherein we provide skill training to 6 lakh youths every year, has received international recognition.

We have set up new universities, hospitals, SNCUs, ambulance services. We distribute clothes, shoes, books for free to students. Even for journalists, there is the Mabhoi scheme.

There are schemes for everybody in this State today. But what has Modi Govt done? They are liars, dacoits and only indulge in big talk.

Every vote is precious. Cast your vote against divisive ideology, against treachery, for removing all the hardships that you can think of.

When I was returning from Bagdogra, I met the Jet Airways staff at the airport. They approached me. They were crying. Unemployment and discontent have become so high in the country.

Do you want this chaiwala turned chowkidar? This chowkidar is nothing but a chor. He is a liar.

I am a Hindu but I do not believe the brand of Hinduism that the BJP is spreading. It is false, it is misleading. I believe in the Hinduism of Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna Paramhansa.

We worship Maa Kali, as well as participate in Eid. We go to the Church on Christmas and the Gurdwara on Guru Parab.

Do not vote for CPM, otherwise the BJP will be strengthened. Vote only for Trinamool to ensure development and progress.

If the BJP comes back to power, there will be no Constitution, no freedom. Everything will be named after Modi and they will impose many things which neither you or I will like.

New voters, on the auspicious occasion of Bengali New Year today, I urge you to vote with righteousness for your progress and your future. We do not want a government that promotes hate and violence.

We will not tolerate RSS goondaism. We have to resist and fight it. For this, we will have to change the Modi government at Centre.

We must win the Jangipur, Murshidabad and Berhampore seats. Please remember this for your welfare, the state’s and the country’s welfare.