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April 9, 2019

Ready to sacrifice my life but won’t allow the country to be divided: Mamata Banerjee at Islampur

Ready to sacrifice my life but won’t allow the country to be divided: Mamata Banerjee at Islampur

Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee today addressed a public meeting at Islampur in Uttar Dinajpur district.

Highlights of her speech:

The upcoming elections are not for the election of West Bengal Government. This is an election for the election of government at Centre

Instead of asking for an account of the work we have done, you should tell us what you have done for five years

We have developed all the religious sites in Bengal. But Modi babu has failed to construct the Ram Mandir in the last five years. He raises the issue only during elections

Jawans do not belong in the pockets of BJP. They should feel ashamed for seeking votes in the name of jawans

For four and a half years, Modi babu only toured the world and made big speeches.

You cannot win elections by managing the media with money power. You must listen to the voice of the people

Earlier, he used to say he is a chaiwallah. Now he has forgotten how to make tea. Because, if you boil the tea leaves for a long time, it becomes poison

Now he claims to be a chowkidar. People are saying chowkidar chor hain. I say, chowkidar jhoota hain

I have seen many prime ministers but never seen a bigger liar. He claims he has 56 inch chest. Even Ravana had a huge chest

Duryodhan and Dushashan are looting the country. They have destroyed the democracy by appropriating the institutions. They are destroying the Constitution

We don’t want chowkidar. We want a leader to serve the country. We want a government of the people at Centre

Congress and CPI(M) are afraid of fighting against the BJP. We are not afraid. We will continue to fight against BJP

I have struggled all my life. I have been attacked and injured many times. I will continue to fight against the BJP

In Assam, they excluded the names of 40 lakh people in the NRC. Congress and CPI(M) were silent but we protested

Terrorism has risen by 260% during Modi babu’s rule. Why did they not take any action?

Modi babu claims Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja are not allowed in Bengal. I want to ask him, does he know the mantras of Durga Puja? Do you know the mantras of Saraswati Puja? Lakshmi Puja?

We participate in Durga Puja as well as Eid. We give holidays for Chhath Puja as well as Buddha Purnima. We also go to the Church during Christmas

The human body is incomplete without all the organs. Similarly, family is incomplete without all members. A society is incomplete without all communities.

I am ready to sacrifice my life but won’t allow the country to be divided.

I appeal to the new voters to vote wisely. Unitedly vote out this anti-people government