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April 20, 2019

Ask not what we have done, ask yourself what you (Modi) have done for the people: Mamata Banerjee at Bagula, Nadia

Ask not what we have done, ask yourself what you (Modi) have done for the people: Mamata Banerjee at Bagula, Nadia

Addressing her second election meeting today, Trinamool Congress Chairperson Mamata Banerjee continued to counter the statements of Narendra Modi and sought answers from him, while highlighting the achievements that had taken place in Bangla. She asked the people to vote for Maa-Mati-Manush and for the young Rupali Biswas, who has sacrificed a lot to continue the good work of her deceased husband and MLA, Satyajit.

Here are the details:

This election is not for the state but for the central government. But in last five years, Modi’s central government has hardly done anything for the people or the country. Promises are unfulfilled, aspirations are dashed. I demand to know what he has done, except for roaming around the world. Modi Babu, you will not ask me for what we have done, but the people will ask you for what you have done these last five years.

At the very first, I condemn Satyajit Biswas’ untimely death and offer my condolences again to his family.

My intention in coming here is to share feelings for the family and the people here, and express gratitude to the residents of Bagula who have stood by the family in such a time. We have chosen young Rupali, Satyajit’s wife, as our candidate from Ranaghat.

Nadia is a peaceful place. Shantipur, Mayapur, Nabadwip are all dwellings of gods and goddesses and many pilgrims visit the temples here.

The work that we have done here, I hope the people are happy with it. More will be done. An AIIMS will be coming up, for which Rs 17 crore and 180 acres have been alloted. Roads and water supply have also been arranged. Besides this, lots of allocations made for Ranaghat and Nadia district, starting from water to transport to markets…

Besides the colleges and ITI centres, another education campus is coming up to facilitate the Mathua community. The Phulia handloom technology institute and muslin technology promotion too will take place. An IT park is also planned. An institute for the development of the famous Shorpuria sweets of Nadia has even been thought of.

If I have to mention all the work, it will take a lot of time. New medical facilities, education and tech centres, cultural centres… A total of Rs 1,700 crore has been spent in this district. Several schemes for youth and especially for young women, from Kanyashree to assistance in marriage… From birth to finish, there are several schemes that the people can benefit from.

Farmers’ tax has been exempted, mutation fees of their land exempted, insurance schemes also for them – they don’t have to pay any premium. All this is from state funding, we have not relied on the Centre for this.

Those who have not enrolled in these schemes can do so after the election. We are also giving employment from Asha workers to homeguards and in several other areas.

Modi Babu is full of lies, so much so that leukoplast will have to be applied to stop him. He is saying so many lies one after the other that he will have to be punished for this in front of the people.

There are many railway projects that I had carried out when I was railway minister, but he says I had done nothing. He is full of lies. He will say anything to prove the wrong point he is pursuing.

If a child does wrong, its mother slaps so that mistake is not done again. Same way slap the big child democratically by voting against him. One vote, one slap.

He is threatening and scaring everyone. I say control Delhi first and then try do do something in Bangla. This land is sacred, my motherland, my workplace, our everything – we will not yield an inch to the BJP.

What sort of leaders are these? They go around with swords and maces and create trouble among peace-loving citizens.

So think, think before you vote and make a wise decision.

Even Congress and CPI(M) are not worth it – they are turncoats, they are infirm of purpose. Many of us had to leave because of their double-handedness.

BJP will not win much seats in any state …. With such Hitlerism, such dictatorship, so many policies against the people – who will vote for them?

Bangla has gone ahead in may areas and the schemes have been recognised internationally. Now it is the time to spread this success and show the way for the rest of the country. We must win and remove the BJP

So please vote for this young woman Rupali, whose husband was murdered. I will also urge you to vote for our Krishnaganj MLA candidate Promotho Ranjan Bose.

How can the BJP’s so-called leaders say that religion is not freely practiced in Bangla? All religions and faiths are encouraged and participated in with full fervour, be it Durga Puja or Eid or Christmas or any other religion.

What a colourful person this Modi is, full of the wrong colours. He used to scare everyone by saying Mitron, now he is calling out Shatru… He was a chaiwala first, now he is a chowkidar.

They are tapping your phones, they are imposing all sorts of restrictions on your freedom. The NRC has deleted as much as 22 lakh legitimate names in Assam. They are trying this here now. We are vehemently against this. No one wants it.

The citizenship bill is another connivance. They will make you a nowhere person for six years, during which you will not be able to avail of any service. Then they will consider your citizenship.

So why vote for such a party and leaders who have such sinister designs? Vote for the right persons and democratically bury the BJP for the development of the people and the state and the country. Recall Satyajit and the work that he did for you before he had to leave so suddenly. And vote for this young lady who will continue the good work.