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April 23, 2019

They are full of tall talk and falsehoods, do not fall for what they say: Mamata Banerjee at Bargachhia

They are full of tall talk and falsehoods, do not fall for what they say: Mamata Banerjee at Bargachhia

At her third and final election rally today at Bargachhia, Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee warned the people, especially the youth, not to be swayed by the tall talk and lies that BJP leaders, mainly Modi babu, are saying every day. They are misleading and laying a trap for the people, she said.

Highlights of her speech:

  • I am happy to see that so many people have turned up, despite the heat, to attend this rally. I am thankful to you for it.
  • Our candidate Kalyan Banerjee has always been a fighter. A portion of Howrah district, Bargachhia and Jagatballavpur, falls under his Sreerampur constituency.
  • A new medical college is being set up at Uluberia nearby. A multi specialty hospital, a stadium, a nursing training college and many other facilities are coming up.
  • Drinking water supply projects worth Rs 1300 crore too have been sanctioned. Roads, bridges and bus terminuses have been constructed to improve connectivity.
  • Several other projects have come up or have been sanctioned for Howrah and this region.
  • Compared to what the previous Left Front govt has done, we have done far more for the development of Bengal.
  • ITIs are coming up in every block now. I could not pursue a course because there were not enough seats during my time. But now the situation is different.
  • The youth, the SC/ST communities now have much more opportunities over the last seven years.
  • Be it in market hubs, cold storages, or transportation and communication – many improvements have taken place for the rural and urban people.
  • Govt hospitals are providing free treatment, fairprice medicine shops and diagnostic centres have been made available.
  • All this has been possible despite having to pay Rs 50,000 crore loan repayment that the previous govt has left behind.
  • Resources have to be managed well, and you must understand that. We go for those projects that benefit the largest number of people. Kanyashree is one such project.
  • Farmers’ pensions, insurance coverage, widow pension, assistance for unmarried girls, one crore cycles, uniforms and shoes for students – we have so many schemes and projects. Where do the funds come from? Resources have to be managed very well.
  • We have waived off khajna tax and mutation fees on agricultural land for farmers. In addition we provide compensation for relief and rehabilitation during natural disasters
  • I am in politics to serve the people, not for my own good. Everything I do is for the people
  • All these expenditures are being met without central assistance. Earlier we used to get some funds but this Modi govt has stopped that as well. These people come to the state just at the time of elections.
  • From chaiwallah, Modi babu has become chowkidar. But what will he do? He has done very little for the people; he has done more harm.
  • Modi babu is full of lies – if there was an award for lying, he would have won it. He promised to deposit Rs 15 lakh in everyone’s bank accounts. He promised to create 10 crore jobs in 5 years. All these are false promises.
  • He is saying Durga Puja is not allowed in Bangla. Tell me, is this true? Don’t you celebrate all festivals? What should be done to such people? Leucoplast should be put on their mouths.
  • They encourage riots and clashes, pit one community against the other. We do not believe in divisive politics. We treat everyone as equal.
  • They have done nothing apart from creating divisions in the society. They have not even been able to build a single mandir
  • I can only pray to God to forgive them for their follies. May God give them wisdom, so that they don’t wield swords anymore and don’t create trouble. We believe in peace and communal harmony
  • I urge everyone, especially the young people, not to fall to their ploys. They will tell you a lot of things. They will even give you money for vote, but ignore all this. When the time comes, vote for the right candidate. Kalyan (Banerjee) will do a lot for the people
  • Remember, we will not concede a single inch to the BJP. We will win all the 42 seats and put an end to the Modi Govt