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April 30, 2019

Not afraid of Modi, I fight like a tigress: Mamata Banerjee at Amdanga

Not afraid of Modi, I fight like a tigress: Mamata Banerjee at Amdanga

Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee addressed a public meeting at Amdanga in North 24 Parganas district today, which is part of the Barrackpore Lok Sabha constituency.

In her speech she urged people to vote for Dinesh Trivedi, Trinamool’s candidate in the constituency, because he works for unity, harmony and development. She also asked them to teach the ‘gaddar’ – who has joined BJP – a lesson.

Highlights of her speech:

Dinesh Trivedi, Trinamool’s candidate works for unity, harmony and development

Cast every vote to teach the gaddar – who is the BJP candidate here – a lesson

These gaddars, whom Modi trusts so much now, will also betray the BJP in future

This is not a local body election or an Assembly election. This election is for the Lok Sabha. Who will form a government at Centre and run the country, will be decided in this election

We have seen many Prime Ministers and political parties in our career. I have been union minister several times. I have served under many prime ministers. But the person on PM’s chair is most unfit

The PM does not know basic political courtesies. Look at the language he uses. He does not know Bengali culture. He thinks everyone is his servant. He will only read from teleprompters.

He has captured the media. Institutions have been captured. Constitution has been altered. Lynching has become rampant

Those who used to run around in khaki pants earlier, are now distributing money among people

We believe in the Hinduism preached by Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Swami Vivekananda. We worship all Gods and Goddesses. We do not support the BJP’s ideology

Hindu religion preaches tolerance. It believes in harmony and universal brotherhood.

Hinduism does not preach about divisive politics. BJP uses religion for electoral gains.

Modi babu is the MP of Varanasi. Has he cleaned Ganga and the ghats there? What development has he done? Let him come to Bengal and see the development at various religious sites

People of all faiths live in harmony in Bengal and celebrate their festivals in peace

BJP knows it is losing in all States. So they are coming here to orchestrate Hindu-Muslim tension

BJP has two seats in Bengal. They will lose both. Bengal will give a big rosogolla to BJP

Modi has insulted Bengali culture by alleging that we do not worship Durga and Saraswati

We will send rosogolla made of sand to him. It will not have cashew and nuts as dressing. Instead we will add pebbles

It is good to be confident but not arrogant

The gaddars who Modi is trusting will betray them and teach them a lesson in future

BJP is doing politics in the name of NRC. They have removed the names of 22 lakh Bengali Hindus and 30 lakh Bengali Muslims

They murdered 5 Bengalis. Not a single political party stood by the people. We sent a delegation to Assam

If BJP remains in power, they will do away with the Constitution. They do not believe in the Constitution. They only incite riots and violence

Common people do not want riots. They will not vote for BJP

CPI(M) is working for the BJP here. The CPI(M), BJP and Congress worked together in Malda and Baharampur. They have an understanding here also

Do not play with fire. If you waste your vote, the country will be destroyed

A true leader evokes love among people, not fear. But people are afraid of Narendra Modi. He is a fascist – a bigger dictator than Hitler

More than 12,000 farmers have committed suicide all over the country. We have waived off khajna tax, mutation fees for farmers. We provide full premium of crop insurance. We give compensation for crop loss during natural calamities.

We have started a new Krishak Bandhu scheme – Rs 5,000 per acre of land is paid to farmers annually. If a farmer, between the age of 18-60 years, passes away, their families will receive Rs 2 lakh

We have given scholarships to 2 crore minority students, 70 lakh SC/ST students, 70 lakh girls. We have Swami Vivekananda scholarship for general category students

We are issuing Swasthya Sathi health insurance smart cards in the name of women, as they are the guardians of the family. Nearly 7.5 crore people will be entitled to the benefits

Modi is asking for an account of work done by us. This election is for electing a government at Centre. He should give us an account of the work done by him

In the name of ‘Achhe Din’, prices of fuel, cooking gas are skyrocketing. Farmers are committing suicide. People are being killed

We must protect the country. We must strengthen the country. If the BJP comes back to power, people’s rights will be taken away

Dinesh Trivedi, Trinamool’s candidate works for unity, harmony and development

Cast every vote to teach the gaddar – who is the BJP candidate here – a lesson

CPI(M) and Congress are working for the BJP. Do not waste your vote on them

I have struggled all my life. I have fought against the CPI(M) for 34 years, in the face of bullets and guns. But I have never given up

I am not afraid of Modi’s intimidation. I am not afraid of the khaki shorts. I fight like a tigress. I challenge them to fight me politically. Catch me if you can. Fight me if you can

I cannot be intimidated with agencies. As long as I am alive, I will work for the people. I will work for unity

We do not need lectures on patriotism from them. This is land of patriotism, culture. We do not care about Duryodhan and Dushashan

The two signboards are trying hard to win seats from Bengal. They will get a big ZERO

Say no to the party of rioters. You have no idea how many people they have killed. Go to UP and find out. Oust the BJP from power at Centre