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April 29, 2019

Mamata Thakur was Boro Ma’s choice for Bongaon seat: Mamata Banerjee at Bagdah

Mamata Thakur was Boro Ma’s choice for Bongaon seat: Mamata Banerjee at Bagdah

Trinamool Congress Chairperson Mamata Banerjee addresses a public meeting at Helencha in Bagdah today. She said that Mamata Thakur was the choice of Boro Ma Binapani Debi, the Matua matriarch, for the Bongaon seat.

She also said that she was working tirelessly for the welfare of the Matua community.

Highlights of her speech:

  • Boro Ma herself had recommended Mamata Thakur’s name for Bongaon constituency
  • We have taken care of Boro Ma, even when she was not in the public eye. We took care of her health when she was unwell
  • They (BJP) came here only recently and used Boro Ma’s name for political reasons
  • We are setting up Harichand-Guruchand University at Gaighata. A campus of the university will come up at Krishnanagar
  • We have set up Matua Development Board and Namashudra Welfare Board for the development of Matua community
  • We are paying Rs 49,000 crore debt instalment for the repayment for debt incurred by the Left Front Government. Still, we are continuing all the welfare schemes
  • In Assam, out of the 40 lakh names excluded in the NRC, 22 lakh names are Bengali Hindus
  • After NRC, we sent a delegation to Assam. They were stopped at the airport and assaulted
  • We have maintained that if anyone is driven out of Assam, Bangla will give them shelter
  • We are with the people of Assam. No other party stood by their side
  • BJP says they will bring NRC in Bangla. We are warning them. If they touch one person, people of Bangla will show them the door
  • Hindu religion is ancient. BJP was formed few years ago. What do they know about Hinduism?
  • BJP takes Ram’s name only during elections. They could not even build a Ram Mandir in the last five years
  • They do not understand Bangla. They have no knowledge of Bengali culture. They have the audacity to say Durga Puja is not held here
  • When our government announced financial assistance for Durga Puja organisers, BJP went to court. They sent IT notices to 40 Durga Puja organisers of Kolkata
  • They only orchestrate riots and pit one community against another
  • Before coming to power Modi babu said he will bring ‘Achhe Din’. After winning elections, he travelled foreign countries. And now he wants votes from people
  • Prices of fuel have skyrocketed. Prices of essential items are on the rise. Nearly 2 crore people have lost their jobs. 12,000 farmers have committed suicide. They committed atrocities against Dalits and minorities. Is this ‘Achhe Din’?
  • In the name of Citizenship Amendment Bill, they will declare you a foreigner for six years. You will not get any benefits. After that what is the guarantee they will not drive you away?
  • BSF must not listen to the BJP. They must perform their duty and rise above partisan politics
  • I have heard a CRPF personnel has opened fire inside a booth in Dubrajpur today
  • Law and order is a State subject, not under Centre’s jurisdiction. For every action, they have to take the State administration along
  • They do not trust the State police. They are ones who are protecting the State throughout the year
  • They do not trust the people. So, they insist on central forces. Forces will not cast the vote. People will
  • They do not come to this State during floods, droughts and accidents. They only come here during elections
  • They are indulging in divisive politics. They are pitting Hindus against Muslims
  • RSS pracharaks are coming to the State with bags full of money. They are luring people with money power. This is people’s money
  • They promised to bring back black money from abroad. What is the reason behind the stellar increase in your assets, Modi babu? By what per cent has the assets of your party risen? Should it be not investigated?
  • They are altering history. They are trying to change the Constitution. Reject this government by casting your vote
  • They are organising armed rallies with maces and swords. Imagine what will happen if AAP organises a rally against them with jhadu in hand?
  • We have issued Swasthya Sathi smart cards in the name of women, as they are the guardians of the family. 7.5 crore people will be entitled to the benefits of his health insurance scheme
  • Everyone is scared of Modi. Nobody dares to open their mouth. Even journalists are scared. If they say anything against him, they will lose their jobs
  • I am not scared of Modi. I am not afraid. I will keep protesting. We will not concede an inch of ground to them
  • CPI(M) and Congress have given up their ideology and joined hands with the BJP