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April 18, 2019

In the coming days, Bangla will show the road of progress to the nation: Mamata Banerjee at Pakuahat

In the coming days, Bangla will show the road of progress to the nation: Mamata Banerjee at Pakuahat

Trinamool Congress Chairperson Mamata Banerjee today addressed a public meeting at Pakuahat in Malda district. She asked the people vote the BJP out of power at the Centre. She said that this is necessary for showing the road of progress to the nation, and that it is Trinamool Congress that can do it.

Highlights of her speech:

  • Mausam Noor has joined the Trinamool because she has realised that her old party is no longer doing any good work.
  • I could oust the CPI(M) because I formed a separate party, Trinamool Congress.
  • If Mausam Noor wins, I can say this much – she will work for you with all her energy.
  • NRC has divided families – some members have their names on the list, others don’t. People are scared thinking what would happen if it is fully implemented.
  • I love all people – of all religions, castes and creeds. I don’t differentiate between religions and regions.
  • I believe in the Hinduism preached by Swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramakrishna, Netaji, Gandhiji, Birsa Munda, and others, and not in that preached by the BJP, which is only interested in orchestrating riots.
  • We worship so many gods and goddesses here peacefully – the BJP lies when it says that we don’t allow Durga Puja here.
  • Similarly for Muslims, Christians and other faiths – we allow all forms of worship.
  • The BJP is only interested in instigating people to make them hate us.
  • Modi is such a scary person that mothers use his name to make their children go to sleep.
  • We have fought a lot for the rights of refugees, and will continue to do so.
  • The Citizenship Bill is another BJP tactic to instil fear in the minds of the people.
    It will make people a foreigner for six years, and only then reconsider their applications for citizenship. Be aware of such designs.
  • Because you are such good people, the BJP is trying to brainwash you. I tell you again to be very careful of the BJP’s nefarious designs.
  • Rs 15 lakh per person, uprooting black money through demonetisation, 10 crore jobs – Modi has failed in all his promises.
  • Earlier he called himself a chaiwallah, now he calls himself a chowkidar. Chowkidar kya hain? Chowkidar chor hain. Such a chowkidar can’t govern a country.
  • We want a leader. We don’t want a chowkidar, we want a wafadar; it is wafadari that will save the nation.
  • Unemployment has scarred the country. We don’t need such a government. We, on the other hand, have increased employment by 40 per cent.
  • If you vote for Mausam Noor, I promise that I’ll serve you with greater vigour. With Mausam’s help, I will be able to oust the BJP.
  • If I could oust the CPI(M) after coming from Congress, then she can help us oust the BJP after coming from Congress.
  • The opposition is saying so many misleading things about Mausam Noor. She is a young lady who has taken the right stand.
  • The Congress and the CPI(M) and the BJP are all hand-in-hand – therefore don’t vote for them.
  • Don’t allow people to buy your votes by offering you money. Don’t accept money.
  • In the coming days, the BJP is going to lose all over the country.
  • Even after winning panchayat seats here, the BJP has not done anything for you. Therefore always keep your hopes up. We will do everything for you.
  • In the coming days, Bangla will show the road of progress to the nation, and that can only be done with the help of Trinamool Congress. Keep this in mind.
  • We help the people of the State through developmental schemes for all stages of their lives.
  • Therefore, decide whether to vote for development and progress or for false promises.
  • If you believe me, vote for me. We are ready to give our lives for you. We won’t let you be forced out of your land.
  • Remember, don’t be swayed by the instigations of the BJP. Maa-Mati-Manush Zindabad.