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April 19, 2019

Regional parties to decide future of nation: Mamata Banerjee in Baharampur

Regional parties to decide future of nation: Mamata Banerjee in Baharampur

Today, Trinamool Congress Chairperson Mamata Banerjee delivered yet another rousing speech in which she asked the people to dump all other parties and bring victory to Trinamool Congress. She said that regional parties would come together to form the government at the Centre.

Highlights of her speech:

I welcome the youth of the region. You represent our heartbeats, our life force.

Our one-point programme is ‘Modi hatao, desh bachao’.

We want to be united with all like-minded parties across the country, but in Bangla we are the only ones capable of defeating the BJP, and therefore we decided to fight alone here.

Cast your vote for Trinamool Congress, so that we, along with other parties, are able to form the next government in Delhi. We have good relations with all the regional parties.

The BJP will fail miserably in forming the next government; the regional parties will form a strong coalition government. The BJP has realised this.

Only we have fought Modi and his party bravely – they know this, and that’s why they are busy instigating people here.

They are implementing the NRC, National Register of Citizens, in Assam, and talking of implementing the same here in Bangla. In Assam, through the NRC, they have removed from the list of citizens 22 lakh Bengalis. For proving citizenship, they are asking for the kind of proof that most people do not have.

They want the NRC, but we’ll give them the NBC or ‘National Biday (goodbye) Certificate’, and throw them out.

BJP are also intent on implementing the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, which will make you foreigners for six years, and rob you of your hard-earned rights and livelihood.

They only want people to go around with maces and swords, and other weapons. Is this what a political party should endorse?

I was largely responsible for creating the organisational structure of Congress in Baharampur. I’ve come here numerous times since then.

Therefore, I have been witness to everything that has happened here – both good and bad, and hence I really feel for the people here.

Chit fund scams have been happening since 1980, but the CPI(M) went to court against the Saradha scam only to try and corner me.

The BJP has the CPI(M) and Congress on two sides, giving it support. Together they are hand-in-glove in conspiring to destroy me and my party

The BJP is only interested in creating rifts among the people – be it regarding religion or caste or anything else.

They are responsible for the suicides of 12,000 farmers across the country and for reneging on the promise of creating 10 crore jobs in five years.

We, on the other hand, have provided some benefit or the other through our various schemes to every eligible person in the State; we have not left anyone out.

We have completed a 500MW unit of the power plant in Sagardighi and have sanctioned another unit; we have implemented the Kandi Master Plan, multi-superspeciality hospitals, Mother and Child Hubs, other major hospitals, fair-price medicine stores and diagnostic centres, Kisan Mandis, planting of mango orchards, arsenic-free drinking water projects, road projects, technical education colleges, Kisan Mandis, Aalia University campus, providing of Kisan Mitras for farmers, renovation of temples, etc.

All this I am saying to emphasise our tireless work for the people and to therefore impress upon you the need to vote for us, and reject every other party.

I am asking you not to vote for Congress, which has always been on a strong wicket here. They are unsure of their goals and objectives, and their character as a party. By day they are Congress, and by night they are the CPI(M). Voting for them would mean strengthening the hand of the BJP. So be wise and vote for Trinamool, and by extension, for stability.

We are not really concerned about the other parties because we are confident that we will defeat them all. We are sure of the people’s confidence in us.

This election is very important. If the BJP wins, the future of farmers, the youth, in fact, of all the people, are doomed. If the BJP remains in power, you will be robbed of all your rights, the rights given to you by our Constitution. We, on the other hand, are ensuring your rights and benefits through our schemes.

The BJP is changing the character of the whole country, which is essentially one of unity in diversity. They instead want to impose their idea of India, which is making India an insular country.

In Bangla, we celebrate with gaiety every festival of every religion, while the BJP is spreading lies that the Trinamool Government is stopping people from celebrating Durga Puja and other pujas.

Hinduism is a religion of humanism, not of destruction.

I participate in the festivals of all religions and ask for blessings from every god of every religion – be it Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity or any other religion

We have to save the country from the communal BJP, and therefore gear up for a tough fight.

We in our party have people of all religions, just like there are people in dresses of all colours here in this meeting.

All gods are essentially the same, and we all have to live together peacefully – people of all religions, regions, castes and creeds.

Therefore replace the BJP with Trinamool Congress everywhere so that we can fulfil our dream of winning all 42 out of the 42 seats in Bangla.

Vote for our candidate, Apurba Sarkar, and make him victorious. We have to win to form the government in Delhi.

If you want a united, secular India, if you want to save India, then vote for Trinamool Congress.

Saare jahan se achha Hindustan hamara. Jai Hind. Vande Mataram, Inshallah

The voting here will take place on April 29. Vote for the ‘Joraphool’ symbol, and dump the BJP, Congress and CPI(M) for good.