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April 6, 2019

EC has to be impartial for success of democracy- Mamata Banerjee

EC has to be impartial for success of democracy- Mamata Banerjee

Today, Trinamool chairperson Mamata Banerjee gave an interview to a Bangla news channel.

Here is the full interview:

Today you have written a strong letter to the EC. The choice of words and anger is evident. Why?

This is your viewpoint, not mine. There is no place for anger. We have used some constitutional terms, which I thought should be used. EC is a constitutional body for which I have deep respect. We want the EC to perform well. But if some people of the BJP ask them to transfer some officers and the EC complies… This is what happened. It came up on Twitter and there are recordings. On the very next day, the PM said in an interview on ABP Ananda that the condition of West Bengal was bad, therefore election was being conducted in seven phases. In the next instance, if I see three bright officers transferred without any reason at the behest of a traitor who is now with the BJP, then I am certain that it is being decided by the BJP that how many phases the election in Bengal will be conducted and which officers to be transferred. Why was the No. 1 person of the Andhra Pradesh Police transferred? Isn’t this a humiliation? The Central Govt should transfer the Union Home Secretary first.

EC has the right to transfer personnel according to its analysis?

If it is taken into account that the case is genuine, then there is the right to transfer. I have spoken to the former Election Commissioner. The fact is, if there is the need to transfer, then that State Govt has to be told to form a three-member panel. They have flouted this rule and have done what the BJP has said. What can they do to me? What power do they have? The PM is dropping the name of the Army every day, but has any action been taken? Crores are being spent in the name of the election. Our officers were catching these. They were transferred so that their own people could be planted and no one could catch the traitors. We will not keep quiet. We will ask the people to keep a watch. We will ask people to make recordings of these on phone and send us.

Do you think this a politically motivated step?

This is absolutely a political and biased move. It is the same in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Bengal. I have the highest regard for the Election Commission. I appeal to the officials to work impartially. We want to see democracy continue with their impartial intervention.

Do you think that this a battle between inequals?

If the media is sold, then what can be done. The pillars of democracy are being bought by Modi and Amit Shah. Ordinary people like us start losing hope. I believe that if the fight against this continues, more and more people will be by our side to oppose them. You cannot stop the people from protesting. Somebody has to protest injustice. We did it on behalf of the people of the country.

I am their biggest enemy because we had said that it is Bengal that will decide who will form the Govt. They have been insulting and humiliating Bengal.

It is to be remembered that if one officer is insulted, all officers feel humiliated. If a journalist is harmed, all the journalists protest.I have the highest regard for the EC and will appeal to them to not to listen to the BJP. We will appeal to them to be impartial and we will provide all support.

The Central leaders of the BJP think they will return to power. Then you will have the bear the brunt…

They will not come to power. They will get a big zero. Whatever seats they got, this time they will not get 10% of it. They will not cross 100 seats. They will lose all hands down. Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians will vote unitedly to drive Modi out of power. Only then there will be peace in the country and democracy will win.

You were very confident in Kalchini today that Trinamool will form the Govt…
Bengal will. Trinamool was formed in Bengal. The soil of Bengal gives rise to movements. Bengal shows the way. Bengal’s Maa Mati Manush, Bengal’s culture, education and the people with the good sense, Bengal’s youth, Bengal’s people from all caste and creed, from different communities and sections. The 42 seats in Bengal will help form the Govt.

BJP said they will win 23 seats…

They will get a big zero. They had two. How will they get 10? With the support of CPM? With the support of Congress? If somebody has 9, you can then say 10. If somebody has 2, you cannot make it 10. The channels that are publicizing, however much they try, the people will give them a zero. I am confident. I can understand what is going to happen by seeing the faces of the people. I have full faith in the people.