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July 1, 2014

Will not allow the politics of violence and bloodshed: WB CM at Raidighi

Will not allow the politics of violence and bloodshed: WB CM at Raidighi

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. MamataBanerjee will chair an administrative meeting at Raidighi in South 24 Parganastoday. She will address a public meeting at the Kharpara School Math where shewill distribute a number of services. The Chief Minister will inaugurate a slewof projects and will lay the foundation of several others for the district.

More than a thousand students will be givenregistration certificates of Kanyashree scheme. Cycles will be distributedamong girl students. She will also hand out services for several beneficiaryschemes like Geetanjali scheme, Aamar Bari scheme; she will also distribute powertillers and pump sets.

In the evening the Chief Minister will holdadministrative meeting with district officials. She will also meet the familiesof the four murdered Trinamool workers in the area. The Ministers of the stateCabinet, Giasuddin Mollah and Monturam Pakhira will be present at the meeting.

Excerpts from the Chief Minister`s speech:

I have come to Raidighi to meet thefamilies of those who were killed in a barbaric manner. The death of fourpeople in Saraswati village was a tragic incident. I do not endorse thepolitics of violence. We will try to help the family of the deceased. I do notendorse politics of obscenity. I condemn all such incidents.

Today we also have the administrativemeeting for South 24 Parganas at Diamond Harbour. Now the district officials donot need to visit Kolkata. We bring the Secretariat to the districts.

I want the people of this region toprosper. I will not let anyone terrorize people. Administration will do itswork. I want the youth of this region to be educated. They must prosper andmove ahead in life. We want people to live with dignity with their heads heldhigh.  We will not allow bloodshed andviolence. The Opposition must remember their party is not in power anymore. Wewill not allow violence like Singur and Nandigram.

Everything cannot be done at once. We arecarrying out developmental projects in a phased manner. Our job is to maintainpeace and prosperity. We have completed the work of Raidighi stadium. We arepromoting small and medium industries. We are setting up ITIs and polytechniccolleges. We are developing the roads.

We have set up 5 new fair price medicineshops in South 24 Parganas. We will also open fair price diagnostic centres. Amedical college is coming up at Bhangar. Women`s university is also coming upin Diamond Harbour. We are doing our best despite financial crunch. We areworking for the people.  Many girls havealready got benefits of the Kanyashreescheme. We will be conducting Kanyashreefairs on August 14 across the State. We have started an employment bank too.

Our priority is maternal and childhealthcare. We have started Sikkhashreescheme for encouraging tribal students to pursue education. We conductedcoaching classes for 600 students out of whom 500 succeeded in JEE. We havestarted 45 new bus routes for South 24 Parganas district. We have been able toprovide drinking water to many far flung areas. We have done a lot of work.There is scope to do a lot more.

The CPI(M) incurred debts and the Centre istaking away major share of our revenue. Yet we are working for the people.Despite the financial crunch we will keep working for the people, to the bestof our abilities.