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July 8, 2014

Trinamool`s MP Dr Mrs Dastidar and others filthily abused by BJP MP in LS

Trinamool`s MP Dr Mrs Dastidar and others filthily abused by BJP MP in LS

Earlier today in the Lok Sabha, TrinamoolCongress was peacefully protesting against the directionless, idealess andclueless Railway Budget. The party was also raising slogans against the politicalvindictiveness of the NDA Government against Bengal. The MPs were raisingslogans in the well of the House. The Chair adjourned the House. At that momentone or two BJP MPs came up, and, unprovoked, filthily abused Dr Mrs Dastidarand others who were standing there. They also threatened Diamond Harbour MPAbhishek Banerjee.

“We were peacefully protesting insideLok Sabha and one seemingly drunk BJP MP along with another came and threatenedand abused us,” said Barasat MP Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar.

Satabdi Roy, MP of Birbhum, and another MPbelonging to the Aam Admy Party also confirmed the sequence of events.

The BJP MPs used filthy, abusive andunprintable language and made obscene remarks about the Trinamool Chairperson.They repetitively used the word XXXXXXXXXX.

Another BJP MP attempted to cool down thetempers of his colleagues, but they would have none of it. Kakoli GhoshDastidar was distraught.

As our leader Ms Mamata Banerjee has said,we believe the Parliament is a temple of democracy, it is a mosque ofdemocracy, it is a church of democracy, it is a gurdwara of democracy.

The BJP MPs who took Parliamentary traditions to a new low today

Regarding the unfortunate incident, the WBCM said, “Our MPs have every right to protest for the sake of Bengal. Butabusing them for merely protesting is unwarranted. One Govt may come and oneparty may go, but democracy will remain forever. A party cannot destroydemocratic institutions.”

We are disgusted with what happened todayin the Lok Sabha.