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July 2, 2014

Bengal on the path of industrial resurgence

Bengal on the path of industrial resurgence

West Bengal Industries Minister Dr AmitMitra, informed the state assembly the details of investments taking place onthe ground.

Dr Mitra said that investments worth Rs78,361 crore were being implemented in Bengal. “These investments are actuallyhappening on the ground as we speak. These are real numbers,” he said,participating in a discussion on the industry budget. He said that the numberswere more credible than mere proposals.

He also informed the House about theprogress made on providing 14Y clearance – the government`s approval forholding land in excess of the ceiling in Bengal. Dr Mitra said that 7,649.13acres have been cleared by the Trinamool government, known for its hands-offland policy, under the 14Y clearance route.

These projects entailed an investment of Rs49,973 crore, creating 45,768 direct jobs, the minister added. There are 13more proposals, which are expected to be cleared soon.