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July 25, 2014

Govt taking measures against Encephalitis: WB CM

Govt taking measures against Encephalitis: WB CM

West Bengal Chief Minister addressed thepress at Nabanna today in the wake of deaths due to encephalitis in NorthBengal.

The Chief Minister said that the districthealth officials had not alerted the Health Ministry in Kolkata on time. Evenwhen the CM was on a tour of Darjeeling, she was kept in the dark. The governmenthas suspended the CMOH of Jalpaiguri and Siliguri and show-caused them for derelictionof duty.

The Chief Minister also said that severalanimal farms in the State where breeding of pigs takes place, flout the normsleading to contamination. This is leading to the rise in encephalitis cases.The Chief Minister said the Government will take action against such farms andwill continue its drive against pigs.

The CM also said that the Government wasdoing its best despite shortage of staff in North Bengal.