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July 7, 2014

Hundred schools in Bengal to run on solar power

Hundred schools in Bengal to run on solar power

The State Pollution Control Board hasundertaken an innovative to project to supply electricity to one hundredschools across the state by setting up solar plants for them. The step will notonly ensure pollution free environment but also will create awareness for thefuture generations.

The Rs 3 Crore project will start byselection of a few schools in every district and the plants being set up there.The maintenance of these plants will be done by the Pollution Control Board. Solong, the project on spreading alternative energy was undertaken by WBREDA.Now, other departments like Pollution Control Board, Public Heath Engineeringand even the Agriculture Dept. have started works like installations of SolarPumps and other such works.

The 10 Kilo Watt plants have been alreadybeen installed in 70 odd schools while the works on the other 30 schools are onprogress. This work has been undertaken by WBREDA.