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July 25, 2014

Kolkata Municipal Corporation launches `Clean City` campaign

Kolkata Municipal Corporation launches `Clean City` campaign

Kolkata will soon become a garbage vat freecity. Steps are being taken to abolish the open vats throughout the city andput in the service of solid waste compactors. The whole project is being carriedout as an initiative called 'Clean City' under 'Kolkata My City' campaign.

This year KMC will set up 78 compactorstations. 39 new mobile compactors are also being bought by the Kolkata MunicipalCorporation (KMC). A new compactor has come up at DN Mitra Square.

16 portable compactors and 5 prime movershad been purchased by KEIP under ADB scheme. The locations that are using thenew facilities are Lake Kalibari, Ballygunge Circular Road, Gobinda Addy Road,Charu Market and Tallah Park.

KMC would introduce the movable compactor system in areas likeMajerhat, SN Park and Bengal Chemical area.

On December 21, 2012 the Kolkata MunicipalCorporation introduced its first scientific solid waste compactor station andmodern portable compactors at Kalighat Park.

Advantagesof compactor station and portable compactor:

  • Restriction of accessibility of birds,animals and rain water
  • Transport more garbage due to compactionsystem
  • Odourless transportation from compactorstation to Dhapa dumping ground
  • Stoppage of rag picking
  • No spilling of garbage duringtransportation
  • No seepage of water during transportationdue to water tight sysyem
  • Eradication of open vat
  • Facilitates night transportation of solidwaste etc.