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July 9, 2014

WB CM holds administrative review meeting in Bardhaman

WB CM holds administrative review meeting in Bardhaman

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. MamataBanerjee held her 60th district-level administrative review meeting at Bardhamanon Wednesday. The innovative measure taken by the state government under Ms. Banerjeeensures that proper developmental works are carried out in districts by theadministration.

In these meetings, Ms. Banerjee reviews theperformances of the districts and takes instant decisions to sort out theproblems that may have risen up while doing the work. As the whole contingentof secretaries from the state secretariat moves with the Chief Minister toattend these meetings, the reactions are instant.

The West Bengal Chief Minister alsoaddressed a public meeting at the Sai Complex Ground at Bardhaman. She inaugurated the Agriculture College at Bardhaman Town, a 250 MW thermal powerstation at Durgapur, several ITS, embankment projects, 16 SNSUs across thedistrict.

She ceremonially inaugurated new roads andstarted off a host of other projects. She also laid foundation stones for marketinghubs, motels (Pather Sathi), irrigationprojects, SNCUs at different district health centres, Kisan Mandis, FloodRelief Centres and other projects.

The Chief Minister also distributeGovernment services like Kanyashree, NijaBhumi Nija Griha, equipment for fishermen, cycles to girl students andseveral other such grants and loans. The Chief Minsiter has decided to completeholding administrative meetings in all districts by August this year.