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July 27, 2014

WB Govt to launch Karma Tirtha marketing hubs in August

WB Govt to launch Karma Tirtha marketing hubs in August

Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee on Saturday announced on herFacebook page that the government would launch `Karma Tirtha` hubs across thestate that will be a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs to market their productsdirectly to the consumers in rural areas.

A total of 229 such hubs have been sanctioned and 44 of themwill be flagged off by the CM on August 1.

“Creating job and self-employment opportunities havealways been a priority area for our government. During last 3 years, lakhs ofjobs have been created and my brothers and sisters in huge numbers have gotemployment as engineers, doctors, officers, teachers, nurses, technicians,assistants and in so many other categories. Bengal has tremendous scope inrural businesses, given the abundance of natural resources and the availabilityof a skilled workforce. To strike a synergy between the two and move towardssuccessful and sustainable entrepreneurship, we are about to launch a uniquebusiness hub – “Karma Tirtha”. It will be a one-stop shop whereentrepreneurs will market their products directly to buyers,” the CMposted on her Facebook page.

“Our government is providing all support to set up theinfrastructure, provide training, finance and create market linkages withprospective buyers, so that doing business in Bengal for our youth will receivea new thrust and a new dimension. Individuals, self-help groups, co-operativeenterprises, particularly women, artisans, weavers, minority community and SC,ST, OBC youth entrepreneurs availing self-employment schemes of the governmentwill benefit significantly under this scheme,” the CM posted further.

“Right now, 229 Karma Tirtha hubs have already beensanctioned all over the State. 44 are ready and will be flagged off in phasesfrom August 1 onwards when I will be at Bankura. Our government plans to set upat least one Karma Tirtha in every Block of the state within next year,”the CM posted.

The government has been giving much stress on developing themicro, small and medium scale industries in the state to create more jobopportunities for entrepreneurs, particularly women. Already 152 new MSMEclusters have been set up across the state where entrepreneurs and women self-helpgroups are being benefitted by setting up business on their own. The `KarmaTirtha` hubs will further help entrepreneurs in the rural areas of the state tocome in contact with consumers directly. The government has already set up afew outlets to promote the Biswa Bangla Brand with its handicrafts, handloomsand other products.