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July 1, 2014

Tapas Pal`s letter to party

Tapas Pal`s letter to party

Here is the text of Tapas Pal`s letter tothe party and the media:


All of you

Some remarks made by me in the heat anddust of the election campaign have caused dismay and consternation. I apologiseunreservedly for them. Whatever the provocation — and there was an attempt atprovocation — those comments should never have been made.

In making them, I have let down myconstituents and the people of Bengal, I have let down my party, the TrinamoolCongress, and my political colleagues, I have let down my family, including mywife and children and my parents, and my friends. I apologise to all of them,and particularly to all women in our society and to those in the media whohighlighted the issue.

I have no excuses to offer. It was a grosserror of judgement and deeply insensitive. It should not have happened. And I assureyou it will not happen again. Once more, a humble apology.

Yours sincerely,

Tapas Paul​

​Member of Parliament


cc: Chairperson, All Indian TrinamoolCongress

cc: General Secretary, ​​All IndianTrinamool Congress

cc: National Spokesperson, All IndianTrinamool Congress

cc: Media​