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July 16, 2014

Sudip Bandyopadhyay speaks in Lok Sabha on the Union Budget 2014

Leader of the party in Lok Sabha, ShriSudip Bandyopadhyay today spoke on behalf of the party on the Union Budget2014. At the very outset he began by comparing the Interim Budget by UPA and the Union Budget by NDA and said that the two documents were indistinguishable.

Saying that he was offering constructive criticism and not opposing forthe sake of opposing, Sudip Banerjee went on to detail out the demands ofBengal in his speech. He said that that eastern India, specially, Bengal hasbeen a “sufferer of regional imbalances”.

He said that due to the 34 year old rule ofthe Left, Bengal has become a debt-trapped state. He also cited the FinanceCommission report which classified Bengal, Punjab and Kerala and debt-stressedstates. He demanded that provisions for waiving debt instalments be made in theBudget.

On the allocation of funds for variousprojects, he cited the example of Kanyashree scheme. He informed the House thatKanyashree scheme of the West Bengal Government, which has receivedinternational acclaim, was allocated Rs 1000 crore by the State Govt while theunion finance minister only allocated Rs 100 crore for a similar project `BetiBachao, Beti Padhao`.

Sudip Bandyopadhyay attacked the Centreover the FDI issue. He cautioned them over raising FDI limit in Defence, sayingit will jeopardise national security. He also demanded that 49% FDI ininsurance be withdrawn. He questioned the Finance Minister if he would introduceFDI in retail too.

Mr Banerjee also requested the Centre tomake provisions for the ailing jute and tea industry in Bengal. He urged theFinance Minister to include Bengal in the proposal to set up textile clustersas well as the Namami Ganga project.

“We want to assure the Govt whenever apro-people decision will be taken, Trinamool will extend a hand of support” theleader of the party in Lok Sabha said. He concluded saying, “The previous Govtdid nothing to help Bengal overcome the debt-stress. Hope the new Govt come tothe aid of WB Govt.”