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July 20, 2014

Red alert in North Bengal after Encephalitis outbreak

Red alert in North Bengal after Encephalitis outbreak

The North Bengal Development Minister Mr Gautam Deb, aftervisiting North Bengal Medical College and Hospital, today said health officialsof seven districts have been alerted to combat the present Encephalitis menace.

North Bengal development minister Mr Deb today visited the Male Medical-I ward of the NBMCH andinteracted with the patients admitted there as well as doctors to take stock ofthe situation.

Speaking to the reporters, Mr Deb said: “A high level meetingwith health officials will be held at Uttarkanya, the branch secretariat, onMonday to combat the present situation in seven districts of north Bengal.”

“We have alerted the district health officials to checkEncephalitis menace that prevails across the region,” he said, adding, “Thereis no need to worry. The state is trying hard to combat the situation. The situationis not alarming.”

“A fever clinic would be set up at the outdoor of the NBMCH.Two medical experts will always examine and guide patients suffering from feverso that they can avail better treatment from here,” said Mr Deb.

The minister said that the MRI machine at the hospital,which was non-functional a few days ago, is now functioning properly andanother CT scan machine would be installed at NBMCH soon.