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July 31, 2014

Lok Sabha: Suvendu Adhikari questions the Central Govt`s preparedness for flood management

Tamluk MP and General Secretary ofTrinamool, Mr Suvendu Adhikari raised several questions regarding the Centre's  plans for flood management in different partsof the country, during the Question Hour in Lok Sabha today.

The senior MP from Trinamool Congress raised the question whether the Union Government proposes to take steps in collaboration with concerned States to overcome floods and if so, the details thereof. He also asked for the details of the flood management proposals received from various States including Ghatal Master Plan of West Bengal and the present status of each of these projects, State-wise.

He asked whether the Union  Minister of Water Resources, RiverDevelopment and Ganga Rejuvenation would kindly answer whether the Governmentis aware of severe floods taking place every year during monsoon in some partsof the country and if so, the details thereof and the reasons thereof.

He requested the Union Minister to providethe details of the flood management programme under implementation includingfunding pattern to the States and also asked her to place in the House thefunds allocated, released and utilised under the programme during last twoyears and the current year, State/UT-wise.

Incidentally, a project called IntegratedGanga Mission has been given Rs 2,039 crore in the 2014-15 budget, appearsquite similar to the Ganga Action Plan (GAP) announced in the 1980s for thesame purpose.