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July 15, 2014

Industrial sector on a process of rejuvenation in Bengal, shows Economic Review

Industrial sector on a process of rejuvenation in Bengal, shows Economic Review

Written by: Arupratan Charaborty

The West Bengal Government under the ableleadership of Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee has shown positive intentionsto revive the state of industries in West Bengal. Recently, the Changhi AirportAuthority, which is instrumental in setting up the Andal Airport has said thatthe environment for industries in West Bengal is perfect. The Chief Ministermay visit Singapore after an official invitation from the Singapore Government.

The state of industries in West Bengal ison a process of rejuvenation. According to Economic Review (2013-14), theperiod from April 2013 to January 2014 saw an investment of Rs 17732.01 crorein 150 units in the State. The total employment during this period is 129364.The State Government has also undertaken some specific steps like givingHolding Land clearances above Ceiling Limit. Seven companies have alreadyreceived such clearances. Rs 7125.62 crore have been invested in the State as aresult. The Economic Review states that the rate of industrial development inthe State is higher than the national average.

It is absolutely certain that therejuvenation process for Bengal`s industrial sector is going on in full swing. What itneeds is more time. It may be pointed out that the Trinamool Government had tostart from scratch as there was no proper industrial infrastructure in most ofthe places. The state Government is inclined to fit in its own resources andskills to bring in more industry, rather than depending upon the aids of theCentral Government, which is denying even the rightful claims.