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July 21, 2014

Trinamool Chairperson gives direction to party workers for future at 21 July rally

Trinamool Chairperson gives direction to party workers for future at 21 July rally

Trinamool Congress Chairperson Ms MamataBanerjee paid her tributes to martyrs from not only Bengal, but martyrs acrossthe globe at today`s Maa, Mati, Manush Dibas rally. Originally observed asMartyrs` Day in remembrance of 13 youths killed in police firing on July 21,1993, Trinamool also observed Bijay Dibas today, after winning 34 seats in LokSabha polls.

Apart from the party leaders and electedrepresentatives -including the 34 MPs in Lok Sabha and 12 MPs in Rajya Sabha -families of the martyrs of Food Movement, 21 July martyrs, Singur, Nanoor,Netai and Nandigram movements were also present on stage today. Artistes,sportspersons, theatre activists, painters, television and cinema personalitieswere also present today along with lakhs of party workers from all thedistricts of the State.

Attacking the BJP for hiking fuel pricesand railway fares, Trinamool Chairperson Ms Mamata Banerjee said the two seatsthe party won in the recent Lok Sabha polls will be reduced to zero in the nextgeneral elections.

“The BJP had one seat. They havegained one more seat. But the way they are campaigning and behaving, it seemsas if they have achieved a lot. They now have two seats. It will never becomethree and will come down to zero in the next general elections,” she said.

Addressing lakhs of supporters who gatheredhere from across the State, the Trinamool Congress Chairperson criticized theBJP for misleading the people during election campaigns.

“They said something before theelections and have done things diametrically opposite after the polls. Within amonth of coming to power, they have hiked prices of fuel and railwayfares,” she said at the gathering.

“We will continue our democraticprotests and fight against this,” she said adding that the saffron partywas trying to incite riots in West Bengal and warned that there is no place fordivisive politics in her State. Some media houses used to act as agents of Congwhen they were in power. Now BJP is in power so the media is singing differenttune, she said.

“They are trying to indulge incommunal politics in the state. We will not let this happen. There is no roomfor communalism on the soil of Bengal,” she said.

Addressing the young generation theTrinamool Chairperson said, “We have to build a new generation of leaders. Ifyou perform, you will be recognized in the party”. She also announced that theparty will organize a rally at Brigade parade grounds in January, 2015.

She said party leaders will not be chosenby lobbying but by hard work. “Work in the villages, districts, cities,suburbs everywhere. We will find you. Leaders do not drop from trees as said bySwami Vivekananda, they are born from hard work,” she said. “I want a leader who is from the soiland who is grounded. We fought for 34 years, and now I want another generationto fight for another 40 years for people,” she said, adding that there isno lead to lobby for leadership roles.

 TheTrinamool Chairperson said she would paint and write to raise money for polls,postering and other party work. “Iwill paint, write when there would be polls. We do not have crores of rupees,we have to raise our funds like this,” she said.

Three Congress MLAs and one CPI(M)legislator joined the Trinamool Congress at the rally, marking the onward marchof Trinamool. Congress MLAs Asit Kumar Mal, Ghulam Rabbani, Umapada Bauri andCPI(M) MLA Chaya Dolui were the new entrants.