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July 24, 2014

Sudip Banerjee speaks on the rehabilitation package for tea garden workers in Lok Sabha

Leader of the party in Lok Sabha, SudipBandyopadhyay made an intervention during Zero Hour on the rehabilitationpackage for workers at closed tea gardens.

“The Central Government has announced arehabilitation package for closed tea gardens which has been finalized a whileago. The package has emphasized on many positive measures including loanrestructuring, moratorium of interest payment, waver of penal interest,interest subsidies, waver of Tea Board loans and the provision of subsidiesunder the SPTF scheme for rejuvenation and re-plantation” he said.

He added that that the State Governmentalready has supplied subsidized food-grains, provision of NREGS works, enhancedcoverage of social security pensions, intensive health coverage and livelihoodassistance in the form of backward poultries, fisheries and goat rearing units.Sudip Bandyopadhyay urged that the Central Government should take this issue upjointly with the State Government and ensure that these tea garden workers aregetting their livelihood back.

“The government should rise to the occasionand promise it will give relief to them,” he concluded.