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July 15, 2014

From the bottom of the table, Bengal has risen to the top now: WB CM at Kolaghat

From the bottom of the table, Bengal has risen to the top now: WB CM at Kolaghat

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms MamataBanerjee chaired an administrative meeting today at Kolaghat to review thedevelopmental works being taken up in Purba Medinipur. Administrativeofficials from the district as well as the State Secretariat were present atthe meeting. 

The review meetings are innovative measures where the CM takesstock of ongoing projects, clears hurdles by taking immediate decision andplans for newer developmental processes by inspecting the needs of the regionat a firsthand basis.

The Chief Minister also addressed a publicmeeting at Kolaghat KTPS Ground where she inaugurated several projects. Thecompleted projects include new roads, polytechnic colleges, barracks forhome-guards, irrigation projects, pipelined water supply projects, girl`sschools and hostels, a 33/11 KV power station at Jinandapur, SNCU unit in Egra MahakumaHospital and other such projects.

West Bengal Chief Minister also laid the foundation stones for projects like new roads, carpet clusters, marketing hubs,hostels for boys and girls. She also distributed benefits like Kanyashree, Yuvashree, Indiara Awas Yojna,Nijo Bhumi Nijo Griha, land pattas,agro-machineries and various other such grants and loans.

Excerpts from the Chief Minister`s speech:

I welcome all my brothers and sisters whoare present here. Today we will conduct a block and panchayat leveladministrative review meeting for this district. This will be our 65thadministrative review meeting in different districts of the State. The peoplefrom districts no longer need to go to Kolkata for official work; theSecretariat visits the districts now. We will complete such meetings in rest ofthe districts by mid-August. We will celebrate Kanyashree Dibas on August 14 at block level. We will complete registration of 13 lakh Kanyashree beneficiaries by August 14.

We are setting up several polytechniccolleges, ITIs, Kisan Mandis and marketing hubs for this district. We aresetting up 500 marketing hubs across Bengal. One lakh people will getemployment. We are calling this project KarmaTirtha. Fifty such hubs have been inaugurated already.

We have opened 6 fair price medicine shopsin this district. Work for Kisan Mandis is going on in 5 blocks. 2 new fairprice medicine shops will start operating at Egra and Digha. We offer 60-70%discount at fair price medicine shops. Two new fair price diagnostic centreswill come up at Nandigram and Tamluk. A Critical Care Unit will startfunctioning at Tamluk district hospital. Twenty SNSUs are also coming up there.We are setting up an IT hub and Industrial Hub in Haldia.

Floods are the biggest concern for thisdistrict. We have undertaken a project for flood control. We have asked IITKharagpur to prepare a project report regarding Ghatal Master Plan for floodcontrol. Kolaghat bridge was in utter disarray earlier. Roads were in badshape. We have repaired them.

As Rail Minister I did a lot for thisdistrict. The Centre has deprived Bengal in this year`s Budget. Both UPA andNDA have deprived Bengal in their Railway Budgets. We do not want alms. We willsurvive on our own. Nijera korbo, NijeraLorbo, Nijera Gorbo.

We have made Nandigram a health district.We are against forceful acquisition of land. We have land banks. We will allotland for projects from our bank. This region has huge tourism potential. DighaDevelopment Corporation is doing a good job in boosting the infrastructure.

We are setting up a women`s college inTamluk named after Matangini Hazra. Till 2011 Bengal had only 38 Govt colleges.In 3 years, we have set up 31 new Govt colleges. The Left Front Govt set uponly 3 universities in 34 years. We set up 8 new universities in 3 years. TheMCI cancelled 1045 medical seats in Bengal. We fought and got all seatsrestored.

From 17th rank we have come to the rank 1in 100 Days Work Scheme. Welfare of poor people is our responsibility. Thisdistrict has achieved 100% coverage of mid-day meal scheme. Our Govt. has evenbrought out schemes to help poor folk artistes so that they can earn alivelihood.

We have increased the revenue of our State.Our GSDP and growth in industrial as well as service sector are more thannational average. We have to pay huge amount as debt interest. In spite of thefinancial crunch, we have instituted projects like Kanyashree and Yuvashree

Central Government has allotted Rs 3 crore for each state in their project foryoung girls, our population in WB is 8 crore. What will each girl get? We haveallotted Rs 1000 crore for our Kanyashreescheme. Every work should be done in a proper manner. From the bottom of the table, Bengal has risen to the top in a number of sectors.

I will not leave the side of the people; Iwill fight for their respect. I will fight for our Maa, Mati, Manush. This is the land of Rabindranath, Nazrul,Dwijendralal, Atulprasad and Matangini Hazra. We will fight for our soil; wewill not let anybody to disrespect it.

I wish you the best on the occasion of theforthcoming festivities.