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July 29, 2014

Online admission in Bengal colleges from 2015

Online admission in Bengal colleges from 2015

State Education Minister Dr ParthaChatterjee on Monday said that from next year onwards, admission in colleges willbe conducted online.

Last year Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjeehad declared that admission in colleges should be online. However it was foundthat the infrastructure for online admissions did not exist in several colleges.So it was decided by the Government that only colleges with the requisiteinfrastructure would conduct online admissions for the year 2014-15 whilerequired infrastructure would be developed in other colleges.

The Trinamool Government has been takingsteps to revive the education system in the State. Since independence, only 34state government colleges were set up in the State till 2011. In the last threeyears 31 new colleges have been set up and 8 new universities have beensanctioned, some of which are already functioning.