Rajya Sabha

July 25, 2014

Vivek Gupta makes a Special Mention on jute industry | Transcript

Sir, my special mention is with reference to problems faced by jute mills in West Bengal. Our jute industry employs labour workforce of 2.5 lakh belonging to the economically lower strata of the society. The discontent of workers of such nature is alarming. The industry faces difficult situations over the past 3 years, primarily, due to competition from synthetic packaging, cheap jute imports from Nepal and Bangladesh and inconsistent supply of raw jute. The Jute Packaging Materials Act (JPMA), 1987 supports the survival of the Jute Industry by providing for provisions of compulsory packaging of grains and 20 percent of the sugar production of our 408 Uncorrected/ Not for Publication-25.07.2014 country, procured by FCI, in Jute Bags.


However, it is not being followed in true spirit. The large orders from the Government to jute mills two years ago, forced by the synthetic industry, were a target difficult to achieve. This is being used as an excuse to dilute packaging orders. Dilution of Jute packaging has hit the industry hard. They have no orders and are forced to shut the units causing severe social unrest and hardship to mill workers.


To prevent such a scenario from deteriorating any further, it is the urgent need of the hour that the Central Government must include potato in the list of items under JPMA to resuscitate the Jute sector. I urge upon the Government to provide training and focus on skill development in this sector along with technology modernisation.