Lok Sabha

July 23, 2014

Sudip Bandyopadhyay speaks on the withdrawal of CRPF companies from North Bengal | Transcript

Hon. Home Minister, I draw your attention.  Hon. Speaker Madam, ten days ago, I raised an issue when Advani ji, Venkaiah Naidu ji, Sushma ji were here. In West Bengal thirteen Companies of CRPF are going to be ithdrawn without giving any prior notice to the State Government, which was absolutely unwanted at this moment.

Bengal has become peaceful after a long battle with Maoists.  Jangalmahal is there, Darjeeling and international border are also there. So hon. Home Minister assured that in a federal structure, such thing cannot happen without consulting the Chief Minister.

Now a message has been received by me just one hour back that five companies of CRPF are going to be withdrawn tomorrow and other eight are going to be withdrawn on July 31, 2014. I urge upon you… the assurance you gave in the House 10 days ago… that has not been implemented at all.

I have been asked by the Chief Minister to communicate to you that you take an immediate decision and assure us that these companies of CRPF can only be withdrawn in consultation with the Chief Minister or the State Government. Otherwise a very chaotic situation will emerge in the State of West Bengal. I want a positive assurance from you again as you did on the earlier day.