Lok Sabha

December 28, 2018

Saugata Roy opposes the imposition of President’s Rule in Jammu & Kashmir

Saugata Roy opposes the imposition of President’s Rule in Jammu & Kashmir


Madam, I oppose the proclamation issued by the President on December 19, 2018 under Article 356 in relation to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. I think that the imposition of President’s Rule is arbitrary and unconstitutional.

The Jammu and Kashmir Government fell in June 2018, when the BJP, which had 25 members in the House withdrew support to the Government. Under the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir, Governor’s rule was imposed under Section 92. Then there was an effort made by all the parties, secular parties, to form a Government. The PDP, NC and Congress agreed to form a Government. The Government at the Centre and the BJP tried to field Sajjad Lone, who had only two members, to form a Government. The Governor has acknowledged that if he had looked to Delhi he would have had to install Sajjad Lone

Madam, for the return to Assembly-based Government a majority was essential in Jammu and Kashmir. By imposing President’s Rule in an unconstitutional way, going against the judgement in the Mumbai case, the Governor violated the Constitution and the Centre colluded to keep the Governor safe. This is when Jammu and Kashmir has been burning, the Central Government has proved to be a total failure. 900 people have died in militancy related incidents in the year 2018 up till now; still, the Government did not allow a majority government formed by major parties in the State just because the BJP had their limited communal agenda. That is why the House should totally oppose the proclamation of the President’s rule and the BJP’s efforts to hoist one Sajjad Lone with defections from other parties.

The present Governor is talking too much but he is not being able to bring peace to the beautiful State of Jammu and Kashmir. I urge, since the proclamation is already passed, the Government should immediately announce holding of elections in Jammu and Kashmir, so that, democracy returns to the troubled state and peaceful atmosphere is ensured in the State.

Thank you, Madam.