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December 3, 2018

Property tax exemption for senior citizens in Kolkata

Property tax exemption for senior citizens in Kolkata

The State Government has amended some of the rules related to the collection of property tax by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) to benefit senior citizens, that is, those above 60 years. The relevant amendments to the KMC Act were passed in the State Assembly on Thursday, November 22.

The civic authorities will implement the scheme from the next financial year, 2019-20.

The new rules allow the KMC Assessment-Collection Department to offer a 10 per cent exemption on property tax to those who have crossed 60. Earlier, only those aged 65 years and above were eligible for the exemption.

This apart, it has been decided that KMC will constitute a committee to review the unit area assessment (UAA) scheme to give relief to 6.5 lakh property tax payers.

As part of the amendments, the Municipal Affairs Department has also empowered the KMC mayor-in-council to consider a concession plea from any person unable to pay property tax. The council will also take a call on whether the applicant can pay the outstanding amount in instalments.

KMC will also be empowered to provide relief to property owners who are preserving ponds, tanks or waterbodies that are a part of their property. The extent of the relief will depend on the quality of preservation of such waterbodies.

The State Municipal Affairs Department will also give relief to land owners who want to construct houses. Another Bill passed in the Assembly on Thursday will enable the civic body to extend the time frame for commencement of construction from the date of getting the sanction plan approved, from within two years to within five years.

Source: The Times of India