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December 28, 2018

Bengal always receives a step-motherly attitude from Centre: Mamata Banerjee

Bengal always receives a step-motherly attitude from Centre: Mamata Banerjee

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today distributed the prizes for Sundarbans Cup 2018-19 at Sagar Islands. She also inaugurated and laid the foundation stones for several projects on the occasion. The CM also distributed several government benefits.

Highlights of her speech:

  • Since 2011, I make it a point to visit Gangasagar to oversee the preparations of Gangasagar Mela
  • There is a saying ‘Sob tirtho bar bar, Gangasagar ek bar’ (you can visit other pilgrimages multiple times but you have to come to Gangasagar once).
  • To visit the Kumbh, you don’t have to go via waterways. Coming to Gangasagar is difficult. Despite that, 20-30 lakh people congregate here in the cold winter months to take a holy dip on Makar Sankranti.
  • This is a pious land. People come here to earn ‘punya’.
  • When we came to power, Gangasagar was in shambles. There was no infrastructure. But now we have developed this place. We have constructed cottages, hostels, renovated the ghats, Kapil Muni’s ashram. People come here throughout the year.
  • A deep sea port is coming up at Tajpur. Centre wanted 74% stake and they promised to build a lohapool. Three years have passed, there is no progress. Bengal always receives a step-motherly attitude.
  • The Centre does not give a penny for development of Bengal.
  • People come to Gangasagar from all parts of the country. This is a holy karmabhoomi. What has the Centre done for Sagar Island?
  • We have set up Bakkhali Development Board. There was a demand for a bridge on Hatania-Doania. It is almost complete and will be ready soon.
  • We are creating a separate district in Sundarbans. People will no longer need to go to Alipore or Diamond Harbour.
  • We have create a separate police district for Sundarbans, a separate police station for Sagar Island. We have also set up coastal police stations, Kisan Mandi, educational institutions, multi super speciality hospitals in this region.
  • We have taken several initiatives for fishermen.
  • Many areas still do not have banks. Centre has not allocated the funds. We have set up cooperative banks in several unbanked villages. We have also started mobile banks in some areas.
  • The crop insurance that farmers receive are given by State Government, not Centre. Farmers do not have to pay any premium. We pay that amount. Centre is falsely taking credit for this scheme. We bear 80 per cent of the cost. They are misleading the farmers. From now onwards, we will directly transfer the money to farmers.
  • The money that Centre owes us is not their money. It is collected from States. The taxes are paid by people. They take away nearly 40,000-50,000 crore every year. Centre owes us Rs 10,000 crore for various projects. They owe us funds for 100 Days’ work, almost Rs 2,500 crore. They collect various cess, which they don’t share with the States. They only neglect the people.
  • Both the State and Central Governments are elected by people. It is Centre’s responsibility to help the States. They cannot cause disharmony in State. Centre should manage only external affairs, finance and defence. From health to education, food to law and order, every other department comes under the State.
  • They took away the notes in the name of demonetisation. Now, during elections they will seen your votes in lieu of notes.
  • We respect all religions. I follow my own faith, but that does not give me the license to disrespect other religions.
  • Kapil Muni Ashram’s Mahant Ji has said he is against division; we are all united.
  • Everyone has different food choices. They wear different clothes. How can they dictate what people will eat or wear? They behave as if they are the sole protectors of Hindu dharma! The religion is much older than BJP.
  • Hindu dharma is ancient, universal. Ramakrishna and Vivekananda were born way before BJP was formed. Are they (BJP) yogi or bhogi? How can they dictate which God we will worship? We respect all Gods equally. We respect all religions equally.
  • ISKCON does Rath Yatras, they carry out Jagannath Rath Yatra, they don’t carry out yatras to kill ppl. Those who carry out yatras to kill people indulge in danga yatras. There are yatras for Lord Krishna & Lord Jagarnath, we take part in those rath yatras
  • Those who have won prizes at Sundarbans Cup, will be recruited as civic volunteers. We encourage our youths to become self-reliant. We want them to prosper in the future.