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December 7, 2018

Webel to set up 3D printing institute on behalf of IT&E Dept

Webel to set up 3D printing institute on behalf of IT&E Dept

Webel, the government agency responsible for technology development in the State, has been given the responsibility of setting up an institute on 3D printing on behalf of the State Information Technology & Electronics (IT&E) Department. Webel already has a state-of-the-art animation academy.

This was announced by the additional chief secretary of the IT&E Department of the on the sidelines of Edtech 2018 summit in Kolkata recently. He said that this is in pursuance of the State Government’s aim to make Bengal a centre for animation, 3D printing and emerging technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), embedded technology, cyber security, etc.

The proposed 3D printing academy will not only train people but also provide assistance in taking up business ventures on this, said a senior official of the IT&E Department.

The IT&E Department will soon hold a meeting with the State School Education Department and place a proposal to encourage students to learn programming from the school level.

Source: Millennium Post