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December 5, 2018

Rs 3,000 cr allocated for Nijashree Scheme

Rs 3,000 cr allocated for Nijashree Scheme

Bangla Government has allocated Rs 3,000 crore to the Nijashree Scheme. Under this scheme, State Government-constructed residential units will be provided to low and middle-income groups.

There are two types of flats as part of the scheme – 1 BHK and 2 BHK. The price, area and application fee are Rs 7.2 lakh, 378 square ft (sq ft) and Rs 2,500, respectively for the former and Rs 9.28 lakh, 559 sq ft and Rs 5,000, respectively for the latter.

To apply for a 1 BHK flat, the maximum monthly family income should be Rs 15,000 and for a 2 BHK flat, Rs 30,000. The flats would be allotted through a lottery system. The application fee for the former is Rs 2,500 and for the latter, Rs 5,000.

The Housing Department would be constructing the flats, in places across the State. The initial allotment of Rs 3,000 crore is being provided by Asian Development Bank.

Besides Nijashree, the Bengal Government also runs other housing schemes, among them Gitanjai (for rural residents) and Banglar Bari (constructed by municipal bodies for the homeless).