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December 28, 2018

SCERT sets up unique maths lab to reduce fear of the subject

SCERT sets up unique maths lab to reduce fear of the subject

It is common knowledge that mathematics often induces a fear among students. Though it is nothing new, it is also a fact that proper teaching methods can reduce or even remove this fear completely.

To enable students to overcome this fear, a unique mathematics lab has been set up at the office of the State Council of Education Research and Training (SCERT), which is under the Education Department.

School students from all levels, that is, from the primary to the higher secondary, will be able to use this innovative lab.

The lab has enlarged models of ruler, compass, protractor and other instruments used in geometry, of squares and triangles, and of various other objects. It has models to make students understands calculations in an easy manner, and models to teach mental mathematics. To inspire students, pictures of famous mathematicians adorn the walls.

An instruction book has also been brought out to instruct students on how to make the best use of the lab.

According to experts, such laboratories can be set up in any school, as the models are easy to make and only a classroom and a table are required in terms of infrastructure. Two teachers each from various District Institutes of education and Training (DIET) have been trained in this.

As a pilot project, such a lab is being set up at the Eklavya Model School in Jhargram.

Source: Bartaman