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December 19, 2018

Bangla Govt to help garment manufacturers to boost product quality

Bangla Govt to help garment manufacturers to boost product quality

The State Government will soon hold a meeting to discuss how to further develop the garment manufacturing system in Bangla. This was informed by the Finance, Industry and MSME Minister, Dr Amit Mitra while speaking at the 47th Garment Buyers and Sellers Meet in New Town on Monday, December 17.

He proposed the setting up of a Common Facility Centre (CFC) to uplift the garment industry to international levels. The facility can be used by both the government and private companies to uplift the skills of the labourers working in the sector, as well as knowledge of designing and branding.

He asked the West Bengal Garment Manufacturers and Dealers Association (WBGMDA), whose members were present at the summit, to join hands with the State Government to make the garment manufacturing sector more advanced.

According to the minister and WBGMDA, Kolkata has emerged as the hub for children’s garments. They are being exported to the Middle Eastern countries. The minister said that with the advancement of the garment manufacturing sector, exports to USA and Europe can also happen.

He also suggested to manufacturers to use modern software-based machinery to manufacture better products, both in terms of cloth quality and design, and to invest in training manpower.

Source: Millennium Post