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December 23, 2018

Bangla Govt to provide lessons on curbing obesity through school curriculum

Bangla Govt to provide lessons on curbing obesity through school curriculum

The Bangla Government has decided to tackle a serious health problem among children – obesity. It is impacting many children nowadays, all over the country.

In a really appreciative move, the State Education department has decided to introduce lessons on curbing obesity in the school curriculum. Not just theory, the practical aspect of the problem will also be taken care of, in the form of regularly measuring certain parameters like blood pressure, blood sugar and body weight. The former two have an intimate relation with obesity.

An important lesson that will be taught is that obesity is not hereditary but is the result of food habits, some of which are often handed down from generation to generation and some of which are acquired.

These parameters would have to be regularly measured in school students, the instruments for which would be bought by the schools from funds provided by the department especially for the purpose. The teachers will be trained in handling these instruments.

The disbursal of funds has already started, according to a department official – Rs 3,000 each for primary schools, Rs 7,000 for upper primary schools and Rs 10,000 for secondary and higher secondary schools.

The instruments to be bought are sphygmomanometer and stethoscope for measuring blood pressure, weighing machines, skinfold callipers for determining state of obesity and glucometer for measuring blood sugar.

The teachers would be given lessons by physicians on using the instruments. They would be taught the impact of factors like blood pressure, blood sugar and others, and preventing obesity through controlling food habits and regular exercising, including doing yogas. These lessons would in turn be taught to the students.