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December 30, 2018

Bangla Govt to introduce new software for scheme approvals

Bangla Govt to introduce new software for scheme approvals

From January 2019, the Bangla Government is going to add another process to its system of e-governance. All schemes are now going to be approved through an online system, to be managed by the State Finance Department.

The system is called Online Administrative Approval Module (OAAM). Taking the system online would bring transparency to the system. The Chief Minister and senior administrative officers of the secretary level would be able to see all activities regarding the approval of schemes on a special dashboard on their computer screens.

Every scheme would get a file identified by a code number. All the information related to a scheme would be in that file. The system being online, the Finance Department would also be able to implement changes to a scheme quickly, after relevant discussions with the department concerned.

The financial advisors of all departments have been taught how to handle the system. Schemes up to Rs 20 crore for engineering works and up to Rs 10 crore for any other work would be sent to the Finance Department through the OAAM for approval.

For schemes whose costs involve amounts higher than the above two numbers, and up to Rs 100 crore would have to be approved by the Finance Department after its officials do a proper study of the various aspects. Any scheme involving an amount higher than Rs 100 crore would have to be approved by a committee of the departmental secretaries, headed by the State Government’s chief secretary.

All these requests for approvals and information related to approvals to be sent to departments would be done through the online system. Hence, everything will be transparent, and if required, any step in a process can be checked by the approved officials.