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December 4, 2018

Rs 3,000 crore investment in Bangla in cement sector

Rs 3,000 crore investment in Bangla in cement sector

Bengal is set to witness a significant expansion in the cement sector. At the recent ‘Cementing India’ summit organised by the ICC, Dr Amit MItra, the State Commerce and Industries and Finance Minister, said that the investment in cement has already crossed the Rs 5,000 crore mark, and will touch Rs 10,000 crore in the next few years.

The minister said that when Trinamool came to power in 2011, there were only five cement companies with a combined capacity of 4.8 million tonnes (MT) per annum, whereas now there are 16 companies with a total installed capacity of about 22 MT.

And now, at the summit, three cement majors announced a combined expansion plan of around 7 MT per annum (thus increasing the total capacity to 31 million tonnes) by 2021, at an investment of Rs 2,400 crore. The three are JSW Cement, Dalmia Cement and Star Cement.

JSW Cement is expanding its cement plant in Salboni, adding 2.4 MT to the equivalent existing capacity, at an investment of Rs 1,500 crore. Dalmia Cement is adding 2.3 MT, taking the total to 4 MT, by investing Rs 1,000 crore. Star Cement announced its plan of setting up a greenfield grinding plant on a 20 acre land in Jalpaiguri, with a 2 MT capacity, at an investment of Rs 400 crore.

Source: Millennium Post