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December 11, 2018

Youth reaping big benefits through Utkarsh Bangla Scheme

Youth reaping big benefits through Utkarsh Bangla Scheme

The youth of Bangla are reaping the benefits of the State Government’s Utkarsh Bangla Scheme. Youth from the socially backward communities, for whom the scheme has been primarily undertaken, are benefitting a lot because they are getting job placements after the completion of their courses.

According to the secretary of the Training and Skill Development Department, in the current year, about 7,500 students of vocational and technical education have got job placements. He said that in the coming days and months, about a lakh more placement opportunities will come for the students.

Students from ITIs, polytechnic colleges and other vocational training centres get jobs under the Utkarsh Bangla Scheme. According to the concerned minister, more than 500 companies from across the country are collaborating with the State Government to ensure employment for these students.