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December 21, 2018

TCS bets big on Bangla

TCS bets big on Bangla

The proposed TCS campus in Action Area II of New Town will generate about 15,000 jobs, State Finance Minister Dr Amit Mitra said at a conference on infrastructure development.

TCS already has a 41,000-strong workforce in Kolkata and the attrition rate among them is only 3 per cent. This could be one of the drivers for investing here, commented the minister. The company has reported 11,000 hirings in the city over the last three years.

Dr Mitra said, apart from TCS, other companies like Reliance Jio, Capegemini, First Source Solutions have also shown interest in setting up campuses at Silicon Valley Hub, which is coming up at Newtown. Out of 100 acres, 74 acres of the Hub have already been booked. The government has allotted 100 acres more for the Hub.

The state government is focussing on IT sector for creation of jobs. Cognizant has 18,000-strong workforce in Kolkata, the second highest in the city in IT sector. IBM has approximately 8,000 workers.